Easy tricks to make your bedroom bigger without adding an inch fi

There might be a group of people who want to make their room look bigger. However, they have no idea to add an inch. Are there any possible ways to make a room larger? Yes, of course. This article is written to show you easy ways to make the bedroom look bigger. Well, it will not be just for your bedroom but other rooms as well. Furthermore, you don’t need to do remodeling techniques. Just play around with your room design. Check out the ideas further on the list below!

Easy tricks to make your bedroom bigger without adding an inch 1

Color It Clear

Color it clear


You can use clear furniture items like acrylic chairs or tables. Then, let your window with clear glass to make your bedroom looks larger. Then, adding vase glasses and other see-through pieces will make your room larger. However, consider combining those clear elements with your decor.

Bedroom Without Footboard

Bedroom without footboard


Some people add a footboard just to look elegant. For a bedroom with a small space, adding a footboard will make it too crowded. Just forget about the footboard and you will get your bedroom to look larger. The space will appear wider. You don’t need the footboard, do you?

Add Mirror On The Wall

More light will make a room brighter and larger. In this case, you can add a mirror on the wall to reflect the light. Sure, it will not need additional space. Just hang on a mirror on the wall and you will see a larger bedroom with plenty of natural light.

Dispel The Darkness With Good Lighting

When you can add more light every day by using mirrors, what about at night? You need more lighting fixtures to make your room larger at night. In this term, more light at night will not just enlighten but also enliven up your space. So, the bedroom will look larger and brighter.

Use Drapes With Same Color As Your Walls

Applying the same color drapes as your walls is a great idea. It will make your room appear larger. Lack of color contrast will keep your room large and wide. Furthermore, choose long backdrop event drapes to make the ceiling look higher. You have a double win for your small bedroom, then.

Go With Dark Walls

Well, going large is not about clear and clean. Using dark hues on the wall will make your room appear larger as well. You can go with indigo blue, hunter green, or even charcoal grey to improve your bedroom decor.


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