Painting is one of the easiest ways to give your exterior a brand-new look. It also increases your home’s curb appeal. However, there are so many different colors to choose from! Here are some tips for finding the right paint colors for your property.

1. Consider Other Exterior Elements

You want your siding to match with other elements, such as your roofing or brickwork. Look for common undertones between them. 

For example, are the materials warm or cool colored? Then try to find paint colors that can tie together all your exterior features. 

Suppose your roof is dark brown with red undertones? Consider sticking with a neutral color for your exterior. If you have brick accents, whites or navy blue can complement your siding well.

2. Match Your Home’s Style and Period

Use your property’s architectural features as design inspiration. For example, contemporary homes often have clean lines and asymmetrical designs. Consider using sleek hues like grays or blues. If you have a Cape Cod-style home, then you may want to stay away from bright colors. Instead, grays and whites can bring out the simple design.

You also want to consider the period of the property. If you have a historical home, try to stick with colors that were popular during that time. Some brands offer historical paint collections. You can also consult a professional designer or architect for more inspiration.

3.  Start With Paint Samples

Before starting the project, it’s important to see what the color will look like on the siding. Buy test-size containers and paint a small portion of your exterior. You can then clearly visualize what the tone will look like with the other elements.

Make sure you paint on both sides of the house, since the lighting will differ. Also, check out the paint at different times of the day to get a better idea of how it will look overall.

In addition to samples, you can use online tools, such as a color visualizer. These allow you to search by popular colors, color families, or decorator picks. They are an easy way to visualize how certain colors will appear and are a good starting point.

4. Go With Multiple Colors

Using multiple colors can create a beautiful look. Your color scheme should have three parts: a main hue, an accent color, and the trim color. The accent colors help bring out your shutters and doors. Try to choose a combination of contrasting colors.

For example, a beige exterior with a black door can create an eye-catching appearance. Keep in mind you can choose bold hues, but just don’t go too crazy. Whites, greens, and blues are popular main colors for homeowners.

5. Keep in Mind the Impact of Sunlight

As you’re choosing colors, remember to factor in how sunlight will play a role. For example, sunlight can turn your exterior a cooler color. So, you want to get a shade that is slightly warmer to balance out this effect. Consider cooler tones for areas of the house that receive less light. Also, keep in mind black absorbs the light, but white doesn’t. If you live in a warmer area, consider using lighter tones to keep your interior cooler.

6. Look at Similarly Styled Homes for Inspiration

Walk around your neighborhood or look online at similar properties. See what paint colors they used to get some inspiration. You don’t have to use every color they did, but it gives you a starting point. Also, matching paint colors with other properties can also increase your home’s value.

7.  Choose Your Trim and Accent Colors Wisely

After you have chosen the main color, it’s time to play around with your accent shade. One thing to keep in mind is that less is more. You want to use hues that bring out your features but that aren’t too overwhelming. 

Try to stick with one main color. For example, if your siding is gray, consider a black trim. Keep in mind your stone and wood trim can be considered colors, too.

How to Choose the Best Paint Color for Your House

Decorating is one of the best parts of owning a home! Adding paint allows you to showcase your personality. Although, choosing a paint color can be tricky. Follow these tips to help your exterior stand out.

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