Cottage-inspired kitchens to create super inviting cooking space fi

Kitchens are the most favorite place where all people share meals. Sometimes, a kitchen becomes the central hub where families hang out together with friends. Yes, it is a great space to show happiness and warmth. What is your kitchen design? It will be nice for you to try cottage-inspired kitchen designs for your next renovation. This homey style uses natural materials and breezy color schemes to get a chic look. Let us see our list below to see inspiring cottage kitchen designs further!

Cottage-inspired kitchens to create super inviting cooking space 1

Cheerful Cottage Kitchen

Cheerful cottage kitchen


We cannot think of a more beautiful kitchen than this lemon yellow kitchen. Look at the pale wood plank wall that becomes the basic color of this cooking space. Those walls work well with the cabinet and open shelves to create a super inviting area.

Modern Minimalist Cottage Kitchen

Modern minimalist cottage kitchen


This cottage kitchen shows wood benches and dining tables that support each other. There are plenty of glass windows that let natural light come into this place. Furthermore, the wooden floor keeps a natural feeling in this kitchen. A yellow shelf should become the focal interest among other neutral tones in this space.

Vintage Cottage Kitchen

Do you love retro styles? In this kitchen, we can see some vintage styles that will make you feel more spirit. The vintage cabinet is combined well with rustic wooden shelves to show a modern upgrade. Furthermore, we love the red apple that gives a personal touch to this retro-tone kitchen design.

Rustic Cottage Kitchen

We will point out the rustic wood wall accent wall at first sight. See how this kitchen is designed with more wood. The white cooking space looks elegant even without upper cabinetry. We find wooden shelves to keep ingredients, seasons, and other cooking stuff.

White Cottage-Inspired Cooking Space

Well. If you have only a small space, it will not be a big problem. You can build a cottage-inspired cooking space. In this picture, we see white cabinetry that works well with traditional trim. Furthermore, subway tile backsplashes show retro look better in this kitchen. We guarantee that anyone who cooks here will feel comfy and fun.

Modest Kitchen Storage

Don’t worry about a small cooking space. You are pleased to build a cottage-inspired kitchen as well. We love the cabinet in this kitchen that is made of wood. Furthermore, it shows more clever storage space. Even though there is no upper cabinetry but this kitchen design can keep all the tools clean and neat. See the cooking utensils that are arranged well across the window.


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