By becoming a better electrician, you will be able to grow your business and make more money. This article contains five easy-to-follow steps on becoming the best electrician in your industry. 

Get A Degree 

You always need to work on your education no matter what your trade is. The experienced electricians at say that getting a degree is key to getting ahead in your trade. No matter what you do, getting an education will help you get a higher-paying job and go up the ladder so that more can be achieved. 


Many people who are looking for employment as electricians don’t think about getting a degree and this is where they fall behind those with degrees because employers want educated workers on their team. This will get you ahead of the game and getting an education will help you get higher-paying jobs so that you can achieve more.

If getting a degree is something that interests you, there are many programs available for people in the electrician trade to better themselves with college-level courses. There may be some costs involved but it’s worth every penny when considering getting ahead of your competition in this industry. 

Get Certified 

Certification is something that will help you a lot when you are looking for a job as an electrician. Employers want to see that you have taken the time and effort to get certified, and this will show them that you are serious about your career in this industry. 

There are many different types of certification that you can get, but the most common one is called the Journeyman Electrician Certification. This is offered by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), and it is recognized nationwide. 

The process of getting certified is not difficult, but it does require some time and effort on your part. You will need to pass an exam in order to receive certification, and there are also prerequisites that you must meet before you can take the test. 

Keep Improving On Your Skills 

You always have to keep working on your skills as an electrician. There are always new techniques to learn and ways of keeping yourself safe when you’re working with electricity.

You need to keep practicing if you want to be the best at what you do. You should also make sure that you continue learning about different types of equipment, too, so that there aren’t any issues while you’re trying a repair or installation. Everything needs to go smoothly in order for it all to work out well in the end! 

If something does not seem right then just ask questions until everything is made clear, keeping up can ensure safety from electrocution and other accidents related to electrical wiring systems.

Stay Up-to-date With The Lates Technology 

Technology is constantly developing and changing, and staying up-to-date with it is crucial if you want to be successful. 

Some electricians learn the ropes of their trade on the job as they go along, but not everyone has that luxury. If you’re self-taught or looking for a new career path, staying up-to-date will allow you to gain more opportunities and advance your skillset quicker than those who do not keep pace with technology.

Here’s how to stay updated:

  • Avoid getting stuck in the past by staying updated with information about new technology.
  • Get hands-on experience whenever possible! 
  • Attend tradeshows, webinars, and other industry events to learn from the best and brightest in your field.
  • Read informative blogs and follow the advice of experienced professionals.
  • Take advantage of online videos, tutorials, guides, etc. to help you learn at your own pace without needing a classroom setting. 

Network With Other Professionals

Make sure you’re in touch with the networking opportunities available to you. There are networking events, trade shows, and conventions that can help you develop your business or even find new clients. 

Reach out to other professionals in related fields such as plumbing and HVAC. In addition, try reaching out to contractors who specialize in large commercial buildings like hotels or office spaces because they might need a hand with their wiring. 

Advertise Your Business

It’s essential that you advertise your business if you want to be successful as an electrician. Place ads in the local newspapers and online, and make sure to list your services on websites like Craigslist and Angie’s List. You may also want to consider setting up a booth at a local home improvement show. By advertising your business, you’ll reach more potential customers and increase your chances of getting hired for jobs.

Keep in mind that advertising is only one part of running a successful business. You also need to provide quality workmanship and excellent customer service. If you can do both, you’re sure to reach the top of the trade!


Being a more successful electrician is something everyone in the trade is aiming towards. Getting additional education and certification is a huge boost for your career. Always improve your skills and make sure you’re updated on the news in the industry. Network with other professionals and advertise your business as well as you can. This will bring you ahead of the competition every time!

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