Fascinating modern exterior design ideas to envelop your home fi

Exteriors deal with the front door, windows, walls, landscape, and other things that show the outdoor are. Modern-looking facade designs come with more texture and color combinations. You will see more bamboo, plaster, glass, wood, brick, and other materials that combined beautifully. All of them are there to show a modern look. In this article, we have gathered exterior design ideas that lead to your main view. Check out our list further and pick up your most favorite exterior design further below!

Fascinating modern exterior design ideas to envelop your home 1

Appealing Exterior with a Dream Garden

A dream garden can be the most appealing part of your outdoor space if you try to keep it tidy and update its design with the help of professional garden services by gsgardens.co.uk. Landscaping, maintenance, fencing, and design, all together make a great impact on the look.
Regular touch-up to the garden is powerful enough to refresh the whole house exterior.

Exterior Design With Charcoal and Wood

Exterior design with charcoal and wood


We find concrete, wood, glass, and steel in this facade that combined well. The horizontal wooden panel dramatically becomes the focal interest among other dark hues. The glass windows directly show a little bit of this house’s interior look. Cool, huh?

Beautiful Exterior With Glass Railings

Beautiful exterior with glass railings


We find timber woods, glasses, and white walls in this exterior look. The balcony design with more glass railings makes this house looks larger. Modern touches are seen here and there. Furthermore, a comfy seat will make the owner enjoy wonderful views around every day.

White and Wood Exterior Design

This exterior brings an elegant point to the house by applying white plasters. Wood and glass in this part also create a simple and chic design. Let bees, butterflies, or birds fly around this area. Sure, this style makes us realize that an exterior design doesn’t have to look higher.

Two-Story Exterior Design

We see an open-plan exterior design in this house that looks so stunning. The homeowner doesn’t hide anything in this house. More glasses dramatically show what is inside. Then, it looks wonderful at night with perfect lighting fixtures. This house is truly a rural oasis. According to builders in London, for the one who loves modern houses, this exterior design is a great example.

Wood Panels For Exterior

In this house, we see wooden pool decking that brings a tropical sensation. Furthermore, this two-story home uses bamboo shutters that look so warm and chic. Palm trees around the house create a natural rural feel. Spending several hours outside will not make you bored because of the green view, pool, and wooden touches here and there.

Modern Front Facade Design

What a dreamy house is this! The exterior design shows slatted woods and glasses work well to give a modern feel. while concretes show a warm and strong character. This house is located near a lake that seems so perfect to get a serenity rest time.

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