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Undoubtedly, working with an interior designer to create both a functional and stylish place that will meet all your needs is necessary. However, blindly following interior design rules is likely to result in a great-looking but dull place instead of a house interior that reflects your personality. After all, if you are dreaming about owning a bedroom that looks like something that an influencer would post on Instagram, you should not settle for its soulless substitute.

While following interior design rules can help you avoid creating a chaotic space that makes no sense and serves no purpose, crossing a few boundaries can add a touch of originality and make the entire place feel fresh and alive. 

Below, you will find several interior design rules we are begging you to break, such as combining metal and wood, using fake plants to decorate rooms, hanging artworks at eye level, and more. Read on, and do not shy away from getting creative. It doesn’t matter if you move to Washington to a fancy apartment, a loft in Brooklyn, NYC, or a farmhouse in Texas; you surely want it to look appealing – according to your own taste!

Creating an Uninteresting Home Office

Creating an uninteresting home office can be quite easy. However, it should not be the norm! Instead of creating a traditional-looking home office, settle for something unique! You can achieve that effect by using unusual decorative items and vibrant colors, such as red, yellow, and bright green, as well as hybrid flooring, which is both practical and stylish.

Hanging Artwork at Eye Level

One of the rules the majority of interior designers would ask you to follow is to hang any artwork at eye level. It is supposed to make a potential visitor feel like the room that the artwork is in is bigger than it really is. Why not go for a different approach? For instance, if you are a fan of a particular artist, you could cover an entire wall with pieces of art that the said artist has created!

Not Combining Metal and Wood

Did you know that combining metal and wood elements can be a great idea for creating an authentic-looking room? If you want the house that you live in to have quite an industrial vibe, using wooden and metal objects, such as tables with metal elements, will help you achieve that rustic look.

Other than that, you could buy a wardrobe made of warm and dark wood and put a few steel picture frames on the wall close to it. If you are not into that kind of look, why not use a lamp with a raw metal finish as a bedside light and put a few wooden chairs with steel legs in the kitchen? 

In case you cannot find such pieces of furniture anywhere and have money to spare, you could always hire someone to make a few pieces of furniture just for you. It might be expensive, but it will allow you to create a genuinely unique look that will definitely be worth the money!

Avoiding Fake Plants

You might have already been told that you should not be using fake plants while decorating. The truth is that it can look kind of great if you purchase the right kind of plants! If you put in the time and effort, you should be able to get a few fake plants that look very real and convincing and create a cozy feel in a small room. On the other hand, you could go for a big and colorful fake plant and put it in the hallway. It could serve as a great conversation starter!

Buying Furniture from High-End Retailers

Buying furniture from high-end retailers might sound like a bad idea, particularly if you do not have that much money to spare. Nevertheless, if you know what you are looking for, it can help you achieve a sleek and modern look. The moment you go into a high-end furniture store and find that perfect sofa that you have always wanted to have, you should definitely think about buying it.

Use Three Paint Colors in One Room

Instead of sticking to one paint color per room, consider using three colors! It can be a great way to visually enlarge a small room and create an interesting look. For instance, in the bedroom, you could paint the wall behind the bed white and use black and blue for the other walls. To make the look balanced and stylish, consider using complementary colors, such as orange and blue or yellow and purple.

In Conclusion

As you can see, interior design rules can be inspiring and useful, but breaking each one of the said rules and getting creative is always an option! When done right, it can help you create a stylish and functional space that will make you feel happy and comfortable.

If you do not feel like you are capable of making it work, do not worry. Instead, hire an interior designer to take care of it for you! It will probably cost you quite a bit, but if you find the right person for the job, you are guaranteed to end up with a stylish-looking interior in no time!

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