Noticing signs of rodents in your home can be incredibly distressing. Not only can they cause physical damage to your possessions, but they also carry diseases placing you and your loved ones at risk.

To help you in this trying time, we’ve put together our 5 Top Tips for dealing with rodents in your home. 

Rodent Control Products

The best way to get rid of rodents in your home is to use rodent control products. The clue is in the name; these products are specifically made to get rid of rats in all circumstances, including your home.

When purchasing rodent control products, make sure you use a trustworthy and licensed supplier. Using unlicensed products can result in damage and injuries.

To keep your home and your loved ones safe, visit for all your rodent control and proofing needs.

Rodent control products are available in many shapes and sizes, including bait stations, rodenticides and traps. 

Choosing the most suitable format ultimately comes down to your situation; where the rodents are in your home, whether you have pets or small children, how severe the rodent problem is etc. 

You can narrow down the most appropriate method by looking through product descriptions and reviews on the pest control supplier’s website.

Natural Methods

If the thought of leaving traps and poisons around your home sounds rather daunting, then there are a couple of natural methods you can try instead.

Peppermint Oil

Rats, and rodents in general, have a natural aversion to the scent of peppermint. 

While we see peppermint as a refreshing, light scent, the fragrance is completely overwhelming for rodents, meaning they will do their absolute best to avoid it.

While fresh peppermint will work, it’s not the most feasible method. So instead, you can use peppermint essential oil.

Take some cotton wool balls and soak them in peppermint oil. Place these in areas you have noticed rodents and watch them flee! 

You can also use this as a proofing method, leaving the peppermint oil out to deter the rodents from returning while filling your home with a lovely scent.


Similar to peppermint, pepper is a natural irritant for rodents. If they breathe it in, it can severely irritate their noses and airways.

For this reason, rodents have a natural dislike of pepper. Try sprinkling pepper in areas you’ve noticed rodents to send them running. 

Again you can also use pepper as a deterrent; many find success in placing it around their garden to prevent rodents from even entering your property in the first place. 

Use a Pest Control Professional

DIY methods can successfully remove rodents from your home, but for the average person, it can be challenging.

Professional and licensed pest controllers not only have years of experience and knowledge on the topic to give them a head start, but they also have access to specialist equipment that can get the job done more effectively.

Trying to get rid of rodents yourself places you at a higher risk of catching a life-threatening disease, so please leave it to the professionals if you’re not up to the task.

High-Frequency Sound

Rodents might have poor eyesight, but their hearing is phenomenal. Because of this, rodents have a great aversion to high-frequency sounds. 

An alternative rodent control method involves using devices that emit a high-frequency sound. This sound is almost unbearable for rodents, so they will do anything they can to avoid it – including leaving your property!

These devices are available at general stores and online at most pest control suppliers’ websites. 

Remove Food Sources

One of the main reasons rodents enter your property is to gain access to food sources. If you then remove these food sources, rodents no longer have a reason to stay in your home, and they will move on to survive.

Seal up all your food sources; don’t make it easy for them by leaving food packets out in the open and packaging unsealed. Instead, try using airtight containers to keep the rodents out.

Keep your home tidy! Crumbs on the ground are an easy food source for rodents, so make sure to give your floors a good sweep or hoover after your meals.

Keep your rubbish covered and secure. Bin bags are a primary target for rodents when looking for food, and leaving your bins overflowing makes it easy for them. Instead, use a container with a cover to keep rodents away and encourage them to go. 


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