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Home bars are becoming considerably more and more popular and can be a great idea for social gatherings with friends and family. Quite often homeowners utilise their garden space by creating their bar outdoors, making it into the equivalent of a mini home and the ultimate entertainment spot. With several images circulating social media of DIY bars, it has sparked up an increase in the amount outdoor home bars, as users take inspiration from one another to produce their own style of bar. The trend seemed to surge throughout the lockdown phases of Covid-19, specifically within the UK, as homeowners used DIY skills and creativity to produce their drinking hotspot since they were unlikely to get to their local pub or bar anytime soon. Here, we will provide you with a breakdown of the most important features that should be featured in your outdoor bar.  

The bar itself 

Your outdoor bar cannot be a bar, well, without a bar? Some homeowners would much prefer to use their imagination and innovation by accumulating parts of quality wood, glass, or steel, whichever you prefer to use, as well as tools and equipment to attach it all. Building an outdoor bar can be an expensive process so you need to keep this in mind before you start your project, also keep this in consideration when choosing materials and products as this will quite often reflect on the look of your end product. It is important to note that a standard bar should be 42” from the floor to the bar surface to fit in the stools, that have a size average of 30”. If you decide against building your own, online retailers offer fully-finished bars that will only require instalment, as well as half-finished bars that will allow you to produce your own design once it arrives.  

Bar stools 

Once your home bar is complete, family and friends are likely to be invited over promptly, to show off and enjoy your new space. With alcohol involved, you cannot always guarantee that this will be a clean space, therefore, it is important to consider this when choosing your bar stools. Although all home bars adopt different styles from modern and contemporary, to cottage or rustic, we would advise opting for wooden stools or stools with a hard surface that can be cleaned efficiently. Although fabric bar stools can be appealing and look good within a bar space, especially with a lighter fabric, they may need more regular cleaning and acquire stains regularly.  

Indoor entertainment 

Now, what’s a bar without a source of entertainment? When you examine a public bar, one of its main features is loud music, therefore a speaker or a TV is a must. We would advise investing in a smart TV. A smart TV gives users the ability to access streaming services such as Spotify and YouTube to play music and entertain guests through this device. Mounting this onto the wall is the best option, as it will act as the main accent to the bar, providing light to the whole space. Mounting a TV can be difficult so if it is an option, contact a professional. The experts at  are experienced in TV wall mounting, so do not hesitate to contact them for any TV wall mounting tasks for your home bar.  

Signs & wall art 

Home bars are a unique space so do not hesitate to add a personal touch. Several online retailers can provide you with a variety of bar signs including custom neon, wooden, hanging, or metal signs.  

Alcohol & glasses 

Finally, your bar isn’t complete without all of the above. Ensure that you have glasses, as well as alcohol for yourself and your guests, with suitable storage space for them behind or on your bar. A bar caddy or speed bottle rail is advised, however is not necessary, and you can always store your alcohol on shelving if you’d prefer to do that. We would advise purchasing a variety of glasses including, wine, beer, double old-fashioned, martini, prosecco, shot, and high ball glasses. Try not to spend too much of your budget on glasses as they may easily break and need replacing. You may be wondering, what alcohol should I stock? Try to stick to the basics such as vodka, whiskey, wine, beer bottles, rum, and possibly other liqueurs. This is only our guidance and the alcohol you provide is completely down to you and your preference, these are just the familiar basics.  

Knick Knacks 

Finally, stock your bar with small accessories such as bottle openers, ice buckets, cocktail shakers, corkscrews, towels, and drink coasters and you are ready to open for business.

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