TV is undoubtedly a great source of entertainment, but sometimes, it can be a main topic of discussion, amongst parents in particular, due to the negative speculation and effects surrounding the topic. Too much TV can indeed take a negative toll on one’s headspace however, with occasional and time-regulated viewing periods, it can also offer multiple benefits. Stay tuned as we discuss.     


Agreed by teachers, TV does offer several educational aspects when watched in moderation. With a wide range of quality programmes on several channels, the options to make advancements on numeracy, literacy, and communication skills, alongside several other topics, are endless. This method of learning is highly beneficial for visual learners, or those who struggle to focus within the school, as it combines entertainment with education. Alongside this, teachers can incorporate television into learning plans and lessons.  

The education aspect does not only apply to children. The benefits of TV also apply to adults. Different forms of media are highly informative, especially the TV. Informative content is displayed within a variety of different shows, movies, and documentaries, and it is guaranteed that after watching, you will take away some sort of informative fact or additional information. Believe it or not, even from reality TV you can gain extra knowledge or facts! 

Encourages communication and bonding 

TV can undeniably bring you closer together with your family and friends as you can enjoy your favourite shows and movies within each other’s company. With the UK in particular, there are several seasonal reality shows in which we look forward to tuning into. Some of the few include I’m a Celebrity, featuring fan favourites, Ant and Dec, and Love Island, which features real-life people who are on a dating show to find love. These shows can easily be enjoyed within a group environment with family and friends and allow conversations to spark before, during, and even after the viewing. Along with this, viewers can also take to social media to interact with others who enjoy the show and even follow them on social media platforms to keep up to date with their lifestyle once the show is finished. this proves that TV does, in fact, encourage communication and bonding with others. To watch these shows, ensure that you have a working TV aerial or satellite to access live TV.  for TV aerial enquiries.  

Saves money  

TV is essentially a free entertainment service, particularly if your Freeview box is already built into the TV, as over 70 channels and 30 radio stations are available at the simple click of a button. Alongside this, the need to spend money visiting movie theatres and other entertainment facilities is reduced, particularly if you are subscribed to streaming services. The price that you would pay for one movie at the cinema often exceeds the monthly subscription price that you would pay for a streaming service such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu, that you can stream on your laptop as well.. A streaming service such as Netflix offers the viewer over 15,000 pieces of content including films, documentaries, and TV shows. So, we will leave it to you to do the maths to figure out what option works out most effective and least expensive.  

Method of stress relief  

One of the greatest benefits of TV is its ability to assist with decompression and unwinding. The majority of individuals who work throughout the day could most definitely declare that after a long day, they arrive home, make dinner and switch the TV on. Therefore, it is not surprising that studies show that media can make you more relaxed, and this is probably the reason manypeople resort to the TV when they arrive home.  


Reverting to children, and the benefits of TV that apply to the younger generation, it is proven that TV can inspire children to try new activities or take an interest in hobbies. This can be encouraged through sports channels that display a variety of sports content including football, basketball, swimming, and dancing to name a few. This fundamentally encourages fitness, which in turn, gives kids a break from the TV by partaking in physical exercise. This will have a positive effect on their current and future health and wellbeing. Even watching shows related to wealth and money may encourage anyone to better themselves, or shows revolved around travel may inspire a family to choose their next holiday destination. The options are endless when it comes to TV inspiration.  


Finally, it is necessary to highlight one of the greatest benefits of TV, the entertainment aspect. The TV provides a countless amount of content that covers the interests of all age groups, backgrounds, and genders. With a large variety of genres including comedy, sci-fi, romcom, horror, action, and drama, viewers are bound to find something entertaining on this ever-evolving device.  

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