A clean and polished curb appeal is vital in demonstrating your home’s attractiveness. Sometimes it is important to renovate and improve certain aspects on the outside of your home to achieve an improved look to your home exterior. Some exterior makeover ideas will be more extreme and time-consuming than others and quite often may require professional service. Other tasks can easily be completed by yourself or with the assistance of a family member or friend for a quick and easy spruce up. Stay tuned as we discuss.  

Update or replace the roof  

Let’s begin with potentially the most expensive renovation. It is vital to check the state of your current roof occasionally as cracked tiles and sagging can lead to bigger issues in the long run. Although a roof has been proven to last roughly 20-25 years, your roof can either last longer than this time frame with no faults or damage or may experience small impairments that might need to be fixed. Roof replacement can cost around £3,000 to £20,000 depending on the style and materials selected, therefore it is a pricey project but can make huge improvements to your home exterior. When replacing the roof, most homeowners usually replace their gutters. This is beneficial especially if your gutters are worn down and beaten up too. Call the professionals at for any enquiries today.  

Update your front door  

Dependent on how old your home is, the front door may display historic or antique features and this is especially important to replace if you are opting for a modern design on the exterior of your home. Panelled doors with large windows that let in natural light are the best option to go for, and the price can range anywhere from £200 to over £1000. Although it may seem expensive, it is important to bear in mind that your front door is the initial aspect of the home that your family and guests approach, therefore it is important to ensure that it is clean, maintained, and suited to your home style.  


An immaculate front garden will make your home stand out in your neighbourhood. Garden renovations and improvements do not always need to be lengthy or complex tasks, particularly if the base of the garden, for example, wooden decking, stone paving, or grass, is already in perfect condition. Some DIY garden projects include setting up an outdoor living area, a vegetable/fruit or flower garden, creating a stone path, or even setting up an outdoor bar area. The options are endless when it comes to garden improvement, and creativity can be sparked through online influence from others who have turned their garden into a DIY project.   

General clean up  

A general clean-up is not only free of charge, but it can also make a drastic enhancement to your home exterior. It is common for waste and debris to blow into your garden, especially in extreme weather conditions, so a slight clean-up would never go amiss in this case. Even simply pulling out weeding that appears in between paving or monoblock driveways is an efficient way to scrub up your outdoor area. Over time, paving will discolour and begin to become worn down as residue overtakes the surface of the slabs. This can easily be revamped through a simple power wash. The heated water can remove grime build-up, including mildew and mould, and is a speedier and more effective approach than using a bucket of hot water and a sponge.  


Outdoor lighting is crucial, particularly throughout the evenings and winter months. Lighting is not difficult to implement either. It can be installed in the form of downlights attached to your home, wall lights against the home or fencing, lantern lights, or even a fire pit. Lighting will illuminate the garden space and we believe that it is crucial if you have an outdoor seating area, after all, once the sunsets, you do not want to be prevented from remaining outdoors simply due to lack of lighting.  

Paint the exterior 

Painting your property will allow you to refresh your home exterior by updating and changing the colours of window trims, doors, patios, or even the outside walls. Some modern new exterior colours include black, dark or light grey, cream, turquoise, or eggshell blue. This can be a fun DIY project to complete either by yourself or with the assistance of friends and family, and if completed correctly can add a great amount of value and distinctiveness to your home, making it stand out from the neighbours.  

Decorate the front of your home 

One of the most common mistakes made when it comes to garden renovations is diverting more attention towards the back of your home compared to the front. As your back garden dimensions tend to be larger than the front, it is no surprise as to why this is the case however, decorating the front garden even slightly can make an energising impact. Try to decorate with greenery such as plants, flowers, a non-festive wreath on the door, or even small ornaments surrounding the door area.

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