If you’re somebody who’s tired of using the same old sink that you’ve seen in every home with the usually large drainage system, then off-center sinks are the ideal option for you.

As you might have noticed, every sink on the market has a drain in the same location: in the middle of the sink or around the rear center. However, the off-center sink is not the same. It’s a newer, different concept than the traditionally used sink and can provide many valuable benefits because of it.

Here’s everything you need to know about sink drains and how they can benefit you.


The Difference Between a Centered Drain And an Offset Drain

Your drain’s position can affect many factors, such as your under-sink cabinet space, faucet noise, and how you’ll be able to stack dishes. This is why it’s important to choose the right kitchen sink drain.

Centered sink drains are the typical sinks you find everywhere and have a classical look. They are easy to install if the plumbing has already been set up. 

However, they can cause issues like blocking the drain, causing debris and dirty water to build up. If you’re dealing with a small kitchen area, then you’d know how valuable storage space is, and you should forget it if you choose to install a centered sink drain.

On the other hand, offset drains give you access from top to bottom with the freedom to do whatever you please with the free space. You’ll have a lot more room to place a wastebasket or store kitchen supplies.

Offset drains are also used in sinks approved for disabled people since centered sink drains don’t allow wheelchair access under the sink.

Benefits of Off-center Sink Drains

Off-center sink drains are preferred by many for their optimized usability. They are basically an improved version of the traditional sinks that people have been using for decades. Here are some of their most useful benefits:

Can Function as a Double-Bowl

The majority of sinks that you see in average households have two sides separated by a small divider between them. One side lets you wash fruits or vegetables and prepare food, while the other side where you place dirty dishes, glassware, and silverware to clean later.

Offset sinks make the best of both worlds by working as a double bowl while not having a center divider. You can place dirty dishes and clean ones separately with an offset sink. They take lesser space than a regular double bowl sink. Some companies even attach custom accessories like an attached sink drain stopper to make things easier.

Dirty Dishes Won’t Block the Drain

If you’ve only ever used a centered drain sink, you’ll know how difficult washing dishes can be most times. You either have to take out all of your dirty dishes and put them to the side, to the water can actually pass through and reach the drain while you wash, or you’re letting the soapy water build up until you eventually run out of dishes to clean.

This is not a concern you’ll have to deal with when using an off-center drain sink. They allow you to place the dishes wherever you want while letting the water smoothly pass through.

Leaves More Cabinet Space

Most standard sinks are a plumbing nightmare, not to mention the huge wasted space they cause because of the large pipes. If you want to make your home look sleek, clean, and modern, a cabinet full of huge dirty pipes definitely won’t help, especially if you’re planning to use that cabinet space.

The advantage of offset sinks is that the drain is tucked in the back of the sink, giving you much more space and a sleeker look.

Enough Room for Garbage Disposal

Another benefit of having more space is installing a garbage disposal in your sink without any worries. Garbage disposals are still very common in households, and there are a lot of people that use them, and for a good reason too.

So, if you’re a garbage disposal user and want to ensure that there’s enough room to install one, consider buying an offset sink.

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