Laundry room lighting ideas for new space to look fi

Your laundry room is not a place where you’re relaxing and hanging out, it’s a spot where you do a job, so putting in some utility room lighting makes sense!

Chicken Wire Lampshade

Chicken wire accent as farmhouse laundry room lighting concept goes well with the most modern interior design. Then, it uses light wood tones to create distinctive vintage looks in your laundry room. Here, you need to be creative with the embroidery hoops and chicken wires.

Glassbox Lighting Accent

Glassbox lampshade for a modern laundry room is ready to enhance every aspect. In addition, it will also resonate well with the use of bright paint on the wall and ceiling. Note that you will not use thick glass that may reduce the intensity of the lighting in your laundry room.

Classic Lampshade In Modern Laundry Room

A classic lampshade can revitalize the entire atmosphere of your modern laundry room. Besides, you can also add some other decorative elements like wallpaper with an edgy-looking floral pattern or a folding marble table.

Edison Bulbs

Edison Bulbs are perfect to create lights in your laundry room professionally. They look very industrial but still give off a lot of light. Besides, you will be able to treat stains with no problem with a few of these bulbs hanging overhead.

Mid Century Modern

Midcentury modern light ideas will give your space an updated look with a touch of glam. Then, you can paint the walls a jewel tone to really bring the look to life.

Boho Hanging Light

You will fall in love with this boho lighting theme that engages with white walls, black and white accents, and some natural wood finish to round it all out. The whole look does not only give off plenty of light but it creates some really cool shadows and pulls the look together.

Recessed Light

Last, it is the common laundry room ceiling lights solution namely recessed lighting. Many people like this because you may even be able to do it yourself. First, buy a set of recessed lighting and replace traditional overhead lights. Besides, if you are in doubt to do that, you can call a pro to help you out.

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