Being a student itself is pretty stressful. You have to run your daily errands, study and work side by side. It sure requires a lot of energy and brainstorming. You can’t function properly unless the environment, you are living in, is comfortable and positive. Assignment deadlines, quizzes, research and so much more is on the list. If you require help and are going through any difficulty coping up with your academic regime, you can always turn to academic services like peachyessay for ease. Another aspect the students have to critically look after is, the finances. Managing tuition fee along with rents can be pressuring, meanwhile if you are thinking of upgrading your living space you sure have to think twice.

But not anymore! That’s because here are some of the best and easiest on budget home decor ideas for students. A breathable surrounding broadens your thought process and opens up your mind. Vivid studying spaces, compact eating area and intimate chilling spots, that’s everything you’ll want around your home. Here are some of the brightest ideas you’ll definitely want to take on for leveling up your cozy living space.

OLD is the latest NEW

Renovating doesn’t always include buying new things. You can upgrade your older household things by painting them or embellishing them a little. Shifting things from their previous places to new spots can also be a game changer. You just need to brainstorm a bit and follow an overall theme to give your space a neat look.

Lighting is crucial and integral part of a living space, everybody likes their home to be bright and light. You can easily reform the existing lighting at home. Now what you can do is, replace your lamp shades but go with the older bases. A quick DIY trick for this is, using coarse plastic bowls and baskets. These can also be spray painted if you can’t find them in the colour which goes with your overall interior. Make a hole at the bottom of a classy cane basket or a bright plastic bowl, place the holder there and fix the bulb in so the bowl/basket stays in place as a shade. This is easily applicable for hanging lamps too. Another brilliant idea is painting your lamp bodies with some fresh colour/polish. You can always draw patterns on them to give them a different and new look.

You might also have a plenty of coffee tables around, or an old chest of drawer or maybe a cupboard that you have wanted to replace for a long time but haven’t been able to because of the limited budget. Here’s how you can turn those old pieces of furniture into new ones, all you need is furniture paint or you can also use acrylic paints instead. You can draw patterns and shapes of your choice or you can also paint the whole piece with some shadings of a deeper colour to give it a vintage look. You can also outline the furniture on it’s edges to give the edges a crisp look.

Playing with the walls

Not everybody can afford changing wallpapers every now and then. The overall look of the whole room can be uplifted by simply coating the walls with fresh paint. There’s a lot you can do than just simply painting the wall with a single colour. Wake you inner artist up and get yourself moving, all you would need is a roller brush and paints of 2-3 colors. Put on masking tape to create random patterns on the wall and fill in each pattern with different color of paint, let the paint dry and peel the masking tape off. You’ll love the end result. 

Frame wall is yet another ultimate favourite of the present generation. If you’re too tight on the budget and still want to implement that idea, here’s what you can do. Draw patterns, or paste pictures or you could also get prints of your favourite quotes as well as the places you would want to visit in the future and put them up on the wall. Take a scale draw a border around them, the options how you can plump up these edges are on the list. Get an emulsion paint or a decorative masking paint put it up on the border you have drawn, just to make sure the lines are straight and you’re done! You can save yourself a good amount of money along with excellent decorative walls around your home.

Refurbishing the soft furniture and sittings

You can uplift the soft furniture around your home to give the rooms a new look. All you would have to do is, get some sofa throws in affordable prices or some comfy cushions with funky covers. Seasons and colors have great connection. Opt for deeper and heavier prints if you choose to upgrade your living space in winter and lighter colors with faded graphics in summer or spring. This would light up the whole space in no time and lesser expense.

Student life is all about late night sittings and hangouts, movie nights are also on the list of course! You could also create some floor sitting spots just to add up some coziness and warmth. A small furry rug would do great, simply place some cushions over it and hang up some fairy lights on the hind wall. A wooden coffee with a little plant pot would give a perfect finishing touch.

Go green

Plants naturally give the whole living space a fresh and airy look. Adding indoor plants to different corners around the house is something you should seriously consider if you’re a student and have a limited budget but also want to redecorate your living space. Greenery would open up your mind and you’ll stay fresh throughout the day. Bamboo, jade plant and succulents are ornamental as well as compact plants which do not take up much space or create any mess. 

If you’re a thematic person you could use white pots with tall plants, it would look pretty elegant. However if you have a punk hidden inside you, get coloured pots like those of bottle green or burnt oranges. You can also get glass pots of different shapes, sizes and colors and place them on tables or on the floor with artificial plants. Place some scented candles on the tables along with these pots for a tasteful look.

What’s it all about?

It’s all about creating a comfortable living under a tight budget because being a student is already so stressful. There’s a lot you can do to upgrade your living space under a limited budget. Uplifting and recycling older items tops the list, you could also look for seasonal sales to get household items that you’ve been wishing to get. Everything eases down if your surroundings are livable and breathable, hereby gear up your guns and renovate your home just the way you want to.

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