Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary; it’s supposed to be a safe place where you, members of your household, and anyone you invite over can relax and enjoy each other’s company without the stressors of the outside world. Ideally, your home would be cozy and comfortable, but for too many of us, it’s not. The following will explore a few solutions to comfort problems at home that can make a big difference in how inviting and calming your space feels.

Dehumidifier Or A Humidifier

If you’ve been dealing with dry air, you know the pain of waking up with chapped lips and a dry throat; some people even find blood in their mouth first thing in the morning from splits in their skin. If you’ve been dealing with damp air, you might constantly be dealing with a runny nose, mold or mildew, and musty-smelling air. There are devices you can purchase that balance out the humidity in your home. This can drastically improve sleep and have a positive effect on your health in the present and the future. Dry air can cause dry mouth, which can result in dental problems (and expensive dental bills); damp air can damage your home and fill the air with toxic mold spores, which cause a whole bunch of health problems. If you notice dryness in your mouth when you wake or are always waking up with a stuffed nose and phlegm-filled throat, this might be your solution.

Air Conditioning

If you live in a hot climate or somewhere that has an incredibly hot season, you know all too well how slow, sticky and miserable a heatwave can be. You lose productivity as it’s so much harder to get outside and cut the lawn or even scrub the bathtub out. You have trouble sleeping, as it’s too hot to be comfortable enough to drift off. The team behind explained that air conditioning can alleviate a lot of this struggle. They also point out that you can get individual units or entire-house systems, depending on your needs.


Air Filtration

Did you know that air pollutants are the cause of 1 in 5 deaths on earth? That’s right; one in every five people dies earlier than they had to because of contaminants in the air. The next scary fact is that indoor air—no matter where you live—is far more polluted than outdoor air. Your cleaning products, beauty products, hygiene products, the stuff they coat your couch and carpet in, VOCs from paint (which remain floating in the air for two years after the painting is done), and many other terrifying things are spinning around in the air in your home at all times. Plants and air filters can make a massive difference in the quality of your air and the health of you and everyone at home.

This is particularly important if anyone in your home is unable to breathe through their noses. Breathing through the nose is natural and results in 30% more oxygen being absorbed by the body, which then boosts creativity, focus, and mood as well as helps you sleep better. An air filter is one of the best things you can do to cultivate a sense of comfort in your home. You might be shocked and saddened to realize that all these years your energy levels and mood were being sabotaged by toxic air.

Water Filtration

Everyone knows they need to be drinking more water, but most people don’t realize that the water they choose to drink is an important part of the equation. The water that comes out of your tap, especially if it’s city water, is filled with microplastics and recycled medical products. Think about it. People all over your city take prescription medications like birth control and SSRIs and all sorts of things that alter mood and hormones. These go through the body, and a percentage of them are expelled when the person goes to the bathroom. That water goes through the system and ends up back in your home. Couple that with the harsh chlorine and other chemicals water plants use to kill bacteria, and you have some pretty toxic water. A filtration system, either built-in or on your countertop, can leave you feeling way better than you knew you could feel. 

The above list should open your mind to the possible changes that could make your home more comfortable. In many situations, people have been living with extreme discomfort for so long that they don’t notice how much they’re suffering. Including a few helpful devices like this in your home can ease the discomfort and help cultivate an atmosphere of comfort and ease.

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