Easy ways to decorate around a tv in your home fi

Is there any TV in your living room? Sometimes a TV is found in a certain place where all family can sit together. Then, they will watch their most favorite programs. The kids love this gadget so much. They can sit for more than just two hours watching their favorite cartoons. So, what about decorating around TV to look chic and work well with the whole room decor? It will not just be about the wall but will make the TV as a decor display.

Easy ways to decorate around a tv in your home 1

Use Colorful Books to Decorate Around a TV

Use colorful books to decorate around a tv


Look at this picture! The TV appears more interesting under some colorful books on the shelves. You can do so for your own living room wall. More books are arranged well beside the TV side table. It seems like framing the TV with colorful books, right? Sure this decor needs not to have any additional budget. Just take more books on your bookshelves.

Make Your TV Part Of Gallery Wall

Make your tv part of gallery wall


This is a great way to hide your TV with other pieces on the wall. Just hang on some frames on the wall and let your TV in line with them. It looks much better than sticking it out like a sore thumb. The TV blends with other artworks on the wall and creates a simple but attractive decorating style.

TV and Vinyl Wall Decals

Well, you can decorate the space around a TV with viny wall decor. It will make your living room wall stands out. See the picture with black flower wall decals that looks so beautiful. Those flower makes the TV a strong character and looks elegant. You are free to change the wall decal color you like and make this part more colorful.

Decorate TV Above the Mantel Beautifully

Do you put your TV above the mantel? It’s good. There are many ways to make it stands out every day. It will be easier to decorate around a TV above a mantel. Even, you can change the decoration every season. Or, you are free to use all year long decor as well. With a TV above a mantel, you have filled one of the wall spaces above the mantel.

Use Symmetrical Accessories

Applying symmetrical accessories will make the space around a TV look neat and clean. You can use symmetrical sconces, table lamps, or even flower vases. This way is easy to copy for any home decor. Symmetrical decor style works well almost for anything.

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