When spending time in your garden during the warmer months, you want to have a gorgeous space that will also help you feel relaxed. Creating such a yard doesn’t have to be difficult at all. With that in mind, here are some useful tips that you can apply in order to transform your current outdoor space into a lush and inviting garden.

Spend time on improving the soil

First and foremost, you cannot have a lush garden if the soil you’re working with is lacking some essential nutrients. That means that you should test the soil and see if you need to amend it with some fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium.

Moreover, you also need to know whether the pH levels of the soil suit the plants you want to grow. These tests can be done at home or you can take a sample to a nursery to have a professional inspect it for you.

Fertilize on a regular basis

Even though fertilizer might be necessary in order to improve the health of the soil, keep in mind that you will need to feed the soil regularly for the plants to have everything they need. Your goal is to feed the soil with air, water, and various nutrients so that it can create the ideal environment for the plants. This can also be done by aerating the ground and applying compost you’ve made by collecting kitchen scraps and garden waste.

Blur the lines between garden and patio

If you have a patio where you spend most of your time when outside, you want to look for some plants that will allow you to blur the space between this area and the actual garden. That will help you feel like you’re actually immersed in nature.

No matter if you opt for annuals or perennials, you can use bushes and vines to soften the corners and even create some alcoves that will provide you with a little escape from the hot summer sun.

Give it some shape for a unique space

In addition to blurring the lines, you also want to avoid straight lines that can appear very cold and dividing. Instead, opt for gentle curves that will help you create a space that is inviting and unique. For instance, you can add little pathways around the yard that will allow you access to all your plants when they need feeding and watering as well as curving stone walls that will give the space some definition. What is more, if you have shrubs and hedges, you can also prune them and create some interesting shapes that will add a bit more charm.

Make the garden dense

For a lush garden, you want it to be dense. To achieve that, grow plants together. This approach is actually very beneficial as it helps you maximize space as well as inhibit the growth of weeds. Likewise, opt for fast-growing groundcovers as they eliminate bare ground.

However, if you’re thinking about transplanting some plants that you already own to a different location, it’s important that you don’t damage them so that they can thrive and make your outdoor space even more attractive.

Arrange plants by size

Lush gardens have plenty of plants. With that in mind, you want to ensure all of them have the same opportunity to be spotted. That means that taller plants need to go further back, closer to a fence or wall, while the shorter ones should be in front, taking the center stage. This is a quick and easy way to create structure in your yard.

Look for plants that will add color and texture

If you want an attractive space, you can consider adding some colorful plants as well. For example, tropical plants come in a wide variety of shades that can be used to boost the appeal of your yard. Plus, you can use vegetables too, to spark more interest. Then, you can also grow plants with broad leaves and spikes to introduce some texture to the area as well. A tree that will create shade such as maple, willow, or magnolia is also a good idea.

Creating a lush garden that you can enjoy this summer doesn’t have to be hard. Keep these tips in mind when you start getting your hands dirty and look forward to some great results.

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