When you’re looking for a new place to live, it’s important to do your research and have everything in order before signing any leases or rental agreements. Here are some things you should do before renting your property.


Know Your Rights As A Tenant

It’s important to know your rights as a tenant because the law is on the side of the person who rents. This way, you’ll be aware if anything goes wrong. Many tenants are evicted because they don’t fully understand what their responsibilities are to their landlords. You should look into renters insurance to see what it covers you for, as well. These policies, by default, need to cover your belongings in your home.

Check Out The Neighbors

It’s also important that you know your neighbors before signing any leases or rental agreements. Find out what kind of people live in the area so you can feel safe and secure living there for an extended period. No one wants to deal with noisy neighbors or other disturbances all day long! It’s no fun having to call up your landlord every time someone next door comes home loudly at 3 AM. And it’s also not much fun dealing with neighbors who never clean up after their dogs or take care of them properly.

Inspect The Property

Take the time to inspect the property so you’ll know what kind of place you’re renting and whether or not it’ll be worth your money. Check for things like squeaky floorboards, flickering lights, drafts, mold, water damage on walls and ceilings, etc. Keep in mind that some landlords will try to make repairs once you’ve moved in but even then you should still be wary of how bad any issues are. 

You may have to leave if your landlord isn’t willing to fix anything. One thing you must do is check for leaks and flood damage. You check the roof and downspouts for any cracks or holes. If there is standing water in gutters, it means there’s a leak you must repair right away. And if the foundation of your property isn’t up to code, get that fixed as soon as possible! Leaky roofs and foundations aren’t exactly things that get better with time.

Ask About Utilities

Another thing you should do is ask about utilities. Make sure you know how much they cost so you’re not caught off guard by any crazy bills at the end of the month! Some landlords may not include utilities in their rental price so be sure to plan accordingly. You might also want to ask whether or not cable and internet services are included in the rental price. Be upfront with your landlord about any issues you discover when inspecting the property, too!


You should be fully and completely informed about any rules, regulations, and responsibilities before you sign on the dotted line. You shouldn’t feel bad looking for loopholes or negotiating some of the less pleasant aspects of renting. Landlords will often agree to things like keeping your security deposit if you point out problems with their rental property as well as what type of work it’ll take them to fix those problems.

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