There are so many small sewing projects that can transform your home, and some of them only take an hour or so. You don’t need to be an expert seamstress to take on these DIY projects-in fact, many of them are so simple, even beginners can do them! From a simple table runner to a new set of curtains, these projects will give your home a fresh new look without breaking the bank. So grab your needle and thread and get started!


Making Throw Pillows

You don’t need to go out and buy new pillows for your bed or sofa when you make them yourself. A simple 16-inch square pillow form is all you need, and it can be interlined with a piece of batting to give it a bit more weight and body if desired. To make this project even easier, be sure to use a serging machine for sewing. Then, add your favorite fabric (pillow covers that coordinate with existing furniture are great choices), sew the three sides together, stuff it with pillow filler, and sew the final side shut.


If you’re looking for something larger than a throw pillow, look no further than some new curtains! Making your curtains is quite easy and can be done with just about any fabric, as long as it is at least 45-inches wide. Measure the length of each window and add 12 inches to each measurement. For standard windows that are 62 inches tall, you would need panels that measure 72 inches tall. But remember: When you’re measuring your windows, make sure to double-check your measurements! Add a simple fabric header or use rings and drapery hooks for a more formal look. 

If you want to make the rods even easier to hang, drill holes into either end (about four inches from one end), then thread twine through the rod and knot it on both sides. This keeps them right where you want them without having to worry about sliding them off the ends. You can also buy different materials, like twine, to match the curtains. 

Table Covers and Table Runners

Don’t be afraid to use tablecloths as the base for small sewing projects. You can hem them, sew on appliques, or even turn them into skirts with some ribbon. If you have time, however, one of the best things about using a tablecloth is that you have an instant pattern. Measure your surface and add 12 inches before cutting out your fabric. Sew three sides together (letting out part of one seam if needed so it fits perfectly) then topstitch along the edge for a clean finish. 

Another great DIY is to add a new runner. If you don’t want to sew it yourself, just find one that fits your theme and sew in some coordinating ribbon or lace for an elegant look. No table is complete without a centerpiece! Make your own with just a few supplies from the craft store. Choose something neutral so it can easily be moved around when you need to use your table surface. Spray paint small glass jars and candle holders in different metallic colors and let them dry completely before spray painting on stenciled designs and sealing them in place with some Mod Podge. It doesn’t have to be hard to put together a centerpiece, just choose your favorite colors and go from there. You can even sew in some decorative flowers and lace.

Sewing Seat Covers

If you have furniture that needs a facelift, try making new seat covers using old clothing or fabric samples. The easiest way to do this is by lining the chair with a large piece of fabric and sewing a casing at either end for a thick elastic cord. This is done so the corners lay flat on the bottom of the chair. You can also add some trim along the edge if you’d like. Then, sew on your new cover following these same steps on each side of the chair (turning over one corner on one side before it is all sewn up). Make sure you place it in each corner – attach it to the top of the chair then stretch it over to one side and attach it to the back of the chair before stretching it over to the other side and attaching that corner.


If you need some new pillows for your bed or are looking for more ways to spruce up your room, look no further than these simple sewing projects. They are easy to make and can give any room a fresh new look – no matter how much of an amateur seamstress you might be!

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