Shower room tile ideas to keep your bathroom stylish and chic fi

When it comes to a bathroom design, we will think more about how to use any details there. Tiles for bathrooms are not as same as tiles for other rooms. We should consider using different types of tiles regarding the amount of water. It has a high possibility to be slippery or even damaged because of contact with water longer. Make sure, you ask your supplier before purchasing new tiles for your shower room. Check out our ideas below to see shower room tile ideas!

Shower room tile ideas to keep your bathroom stylish and chic 1

Scattered Herringbone Tile

Scattered herringbone tile


The scattered herringbone tile divine the shower zone in this large bathroom. You can adapt this idea to your bathroom. The design is eye-catching and works well for a modern house. We will directly notice the shower area only by seeing the tiles.

Checked Tile Design To Make A Statement

Checked tile design to make a statement


This wet room is designed in a simple look with checked tiles. While the designer chooses larger sizes for flooring. So, the tiles define the shower room clearly. You are free to customize the colors you like. This style works well for smaller bathrooms are too.

Small Mosaics Floor

In this bathroom, the shower tile looks so chic with small mosaics. This tile style creates an interesting look with natural color. With larger rectangular tiles on the wall, this room looks chicer. The same tiles are applied on the wall behind the bench. This way makes this shower room appears more eye-catching.

Bold Monochromatic Scheme

Classic colors combination is beyond imagination. Look at this bold monochromatic scheme that will bring the bathroom into a serenity time. The white tiles dramatically add a fresh sensation after the black hues on the walls. Contrast color application is still impactful for a shower room. Great, isn’t it? Just make sure you have a strong lighting fixture to keep it bright anytime.

Decorative Tiles On The Floor

Decorative tiles work well for a both and or small or large shower room. This style brings your bathroom look more minimalist and chic. Furthermore, sealed cement tiles are durable for a wet room. With a rich of colors, the bathroom gives a nice look and avoids sore eyes. Cool, right?

Deeper Color on the Wall

Darker colors on the floor will create a larger room effect. See this bathroom with darker hues on one wall and floor that make a statement. A big white tub and other white elements in this room seem more powerful. Then, the tiles give a strong look and take the major interest.




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