Celestial-inspired interior decor ideas to foster a feeling of wonder fi

Do you want to feel like flying among the stars and planets? Just go with celestial-inspired interior decoration. Bringing all of the universes inside your own space will make you feel like living out space. There are many ways to decor your room in celestial-inspired decor. You can paint the walls or ceiling, add wallpapers, install new wall accents, or do other things. In this article, we have gathered ideas to decorate any room with a moon, stars, or other celestial things. Check out!

Celestial-inspired interior decor ideas to foster a feeling of wonder 1

Using Luminous Paint



You will feel like sleeping in the sky in this bedroom. Paint the walls with dark night colors with sprinkled stars around them will create a gorgeous room. Add other wall accents to spruce it up like moon, Saturns, or other things. This is a great way to decorate your kids’ area too.

Fairy Lights for Bedroom

Fairy lights for bedroom


This cozy bedroom looks so pretty with fairy lights above the bed. The owner adds some throw pillows to create a serenity space. This lighting fixture works well even for a small attic bedroom just like we see in the picture. Furthermore, you will need less cost to decorate your room in this way.

Bedroom With Planetarium Projector

Sleeping under a hologram of a cosmos will bring us like going to the sky. Sure, you can get it soon from the store and or online store. This planetarium is pretty inexpensive. So, you can get it without spending a lot of money and will get a pretty room decoration at night. Then, have a good dream!

Bedroom With Celestial Gallery

Create a celestial gallery with some planets on the frames. Arrange them horizontally above the headboard. Those pictures will become the focal interest of the bedroom. This celestial decor is an adult version. So, you can apply this way for your own room or for the kids who have grown up. They will love this decor, we sure.

Glow in The Dark Celestial Decor

What about this decor? The pictures will shine in after you apply dark night hues on the wall. This way is pretty easy and less costly. You only need to make a celestial gallery on a dark wall. Then, those elements will glow in the dark at day or night.

Cool Celestial Wallpaper

There are many wallpapers with celestial themes you can buy. From wonderful star clouds to the planets are there on the store. Just choose one of them and change your bedroom walls. Feel free to choose the one that you love.


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