It’s no secret that real estate is a competitive industry. In order to stay ahead of the curve, you need to be constantly innovating and finding new ways to reach your target market. One great way to do this is through a well-crafted newsletter. Here are 12 tips to help make your newsletter more attractive and effective:

  1. Keep the design simple.

A cluttered, complicated design will only confuse your readers and turn them away. Make sure to keep things simple, spelled out, and easy to read. A great tip is to use a one-column design and easily digestible chunks of text.

  1. Keep it short and sweet.

Content is king, so more isn’t always better. Your newsletter should be easily readable in about five minutes or less, so make sure your content can be consumed quickly by writing short paragraphs and sentences.

  1. Add a photo or infographic.

Do you have an amazing picture of one of your listings? Think about including it in your newsletter. Infographics are also a great way to include information without overloading readers with data. This is an important one, as most people will only read your first paragraph or two before deciding if they want to keep reading or not.

  1. Avoid sending too many newsletters per week.

You don’t want to overwhelm your readers with too many newsletters. Aim to space them out between one to three times per week, depending on the type of content you’re putting in. For example, if you’re including more blog posts or articles with lots of video and images, you might send fewer newsletters than if it’s mostly plain text.

  1. Include several calls-to-action.

Your readers need to be able to take action if you want them to do anything after reading your newsletter beyond clicking away and forgetting about it. Make sure at least one of these actions is an easy way for people to sign up for your email marketing list, but also try including two or three other calls-to-action that ask readers to take immediate action, like clicking on a link or filling out a short form.

  1. Use your newsletter as a content marketing tool.

Most people subscribe to newsletters because they want to be informed about the latest information in the industry. If you aren’t producing quality content, they won’t stay subscribed for long.

  1. Don’t forget about mobile optimization.

Make sure your newsletter looks good on both desktop and mobile devices by using a responsive design, which will allow your content to scale up or down depending on the screen size of the device. If you neglect mobile optimization, some readers might not be able to read your newsletter at all!

  1. Get inspired.

If you’re looking for simple design inspiration, just Google “real estate newsletter template” to see many examples of great layouts other real estate agents are using.

  1. Include a short, catchy intro sentence.

People are busy and often only glance at your newsletter before deciding if it’s worth their time. Make sure to include a snappy intro sentence that immediately gets to the point of what you’re writing about and why they should care. An example would be: “Want more leads? Here’s how to increase your open rate…”

  1. Use images and videos where possible.

People love visuals, so make sure you’re including them along with your text whenever possible. An image of one of your listings will immediately catch the attention of new subscribers, but even just using relevant stock photos can be helpful in getting people to read further. Don’t forget about the video, either! Videos are a great way to show off your expertise and connect with readers.

  1. Keep the design fresh and modern.

Updating your newsletter’s design every few months is a great way to attract new subscribers and keep old ones engaged. It will also make it easier for you to get more people clicking through to your website.

  1. Include upcoming events or promotions in the newsletter.

This is an easy way to let your readers know what’s going on without having to send out another separate email blast, which you should also be doing throughout the year. If people are already subscribed, they’re more likely to open your emails and click through if there’s a big promotion attached to them.

Another common dilemma is to make newsletter formats readable and interesting at the same time.A bonus tip to make creative newsletters is to use Venngage — a free infographic maker that provides free newsletter templates for everyone. To give you an idea, here are some newsletter templates from their website!





Following these simple steps should help you to create an effective email marketing strategy that engages your readers and gets them excited about working with you. Don’t forget that the best newsletters are those that are personalized to each individual subscriber. For more newsletter designs, click here!

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