Bathroom chandelier ideas to add a glimmer of decadence to bathrooms fi

Adding a chandelier in a bathroom will elevate the whole scheme. If you want to bring glitz and glamour to your bathroom, chandeliers are what you need. A chandelier helps to diffuse light in a relaxing way. Furthermore,  it adds a high-level and luxurious focal point to the bathroom. Make sure you choose the right chandelier for your bathroom. Pay attention to the IP rate that will fit your bathroom zone. Check out our list of bathroom chandelier ideas further below! Then, decide which one you love.

Bathroom chandelier ideas to add a glimmer of decadence to bathrooms 1

Crystal Chandelier With Elegant Swirls

Crystal chandelier with elegant swirls

In this bathroom, we can see the upper part of it that looks so elegant. It has a crystal chandelier with elegant swirls branches that works well with the border wallpaper. The designer combines those two elements to create a beautiful theme.

Nickel-Like Dark Metal Crystal Chandelier

Nickel-like dark metal crystal chandelier

We do expect to have a bathroom like this picture. The nickel-like dark metal-like of the crystal chandelier on the ceiling looks awesome. It works well with the copper frame of the mirrors. Then, completed well by the copper frame artworks on the wall. While other complements in this bathroom are done in white hues. Cool, huh?

Dramatic Chandelier for Bathroom

Dramatic chandelier for bathroom

You might have LED bathroom lights, but a chandelier will come with beauty and luxurious touches. A bathroom with a chandelier will appear more interesting. In this bathroom, the designer combines LED lights and a chandelier to create a system to brighten the bathroom at night.

Blown Glass Chandelier for Bathroom

Blown glass chandelier for bathroom

We tend to talk about a crystal chandelier. However, there are many chandelier types that can be used for enlightening bathrooms. In the picture, we see a cool contemporary chandelier with glass bubbles in green, white, and yellow that looks so gorgeous. With its unusual design, the chandelier becomes the focal interest in this bathroom.

Contemporary Sputnik Chandelier

Contemporary sputnik chandelier

Chandeliers aren’t just for big bathrooms. If you have a small bathroom, you can add a contemporary sputnik chandelier. Hang it on the ceiling. The shape will not make your bathroom looks crowded. This modern style will also improve your bathroom design.

Spectacular Spherical Chandelier

Spectacular spherical chandelier

For a minimalist look, you can install a spectacular spherical chandelier. No matter a big or small bathroom, this chandelier will add an elegant feel. This lighting style makes the best impact on this room with all-white complements. Even the room appears bright and airy because of the chandelier. What do you think?



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