Window treatments make an integral element of the decor of any home. They offer light control, insulation, and privacy besides enhancing the aesthetics of your living space. So you must go the extra mile to pick the best option that matches your decor, needs, and preferences. But the choice can get overwhelming because of the sheer number of available options. If you want a change, consider switching to shades from curtains. Let us share some good reasons for ditching the old and trying something different to dress your windows. 

Simple to install

Window shades are far simpler than curtains when it comes to installation. You need not have to struggle to feed multiple fabric layers through a rod. Finding anchor points in the wall is also a problem. Conversely, shades utilize brackets. You only have to fasten the brackets on your wall or ceiling. You may also attach them to the inside or outside of the frames. Secure the bracket and clip in the shades to dress the windows. 

Good light control

Besides the aesthetics, light control is the primary purpose of window dressing. You will probably want to keep an optimal amount of natural light flooding in your living space from morning until evening. Managing heavy curtains for light control can be uncomfortable. Shades go up and down easily, so they are far more convenient. You can even opt for a motorized system that lets you operate them hands-free. 

Versatility in decor

It is easy to play with window decor as you have endless options in both shades and curtains. You can choose a sheer fabric or a luxurious one to match your home. You even have the option of custom soft roman shades to get a perfect blend with other decor elements. The good thing about shades is they are more versatile. You can try them in a diverse range of scenarios. For example, they are ideal for narrow windows, oddly-shaped openings, and ones in tricky locations. 

Cost-efficient option

Cost is often a factor for homeowners when choosing the decor elements for their living space. Window shades win on the costing front as you can install them at only a fraction of the cost of curtains. But they do not fall short on aesthetics and brighten up your living space with a minimal expense. You can pick them for a quick and budget-friendly makeover for your home. 

Low maintenance

Whatever you choose for window dressing, you cannot take a set-and-forget approach. Both shades and curtains require maintenance, though shades are much easier to maintain. You only need to dust or vacuum them to keep them clean and shiny. You can dab them with a mild detergent to remove surface stains. A little care is enough to keep them looking bright and beautiful over the years.

If a window revamp is on top of your mind this season, opt for custom shades that match the decor of your living space. You can dress up your home without much effort and expense, yet get lasting convenience and longevity. 


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