6 options to remodel bathroom design for gorgeous look fi

Bathrooms are one of the busiest rooms for anyone. We use this room at least two times a day. Spending more time in a bathroom with a gorgeous design might be so cozy. Even, some people get their inspiration after taking a bath. So, remodelling your bathroom is a great thing. While you are considering how to remodel your bathroom, think that you will spend money as well. Don’t forget to check your plumbing and drainage system. Clogs and leaks will definitely affect the overall look of your bathroom. This can be avoided by establishing an efficient toilet system to make sure waste is not flushed to your main drain. There are a lot of factors to consider in your remodeling projects so take your time and browse through different options that work best for you. In this article, we are going to show options for ways to remodel a bathroom. Check out!

6 options to remodel bathroom design for gorgeous look 1

Swap Out Old Flooring In The Bathroom

Swap out old flooring in the bathroom


Find the best time to replace your old flooring with the new one. In this picture, we see a nice bathroom design with flower pattern tiles. It gives your bathroom a cool look every morning. No matter a big or small bathroom, patterned floor tile flooring will improve the bathroom design.

Add Backsplash to Improve Bathroom Design

Add backsplash to improve bathroom design


We are talking about a backsplash for the bathroom, not the kitchen. Well, the vanity space looks so boring with the same wall all years around. What about adding a backsplash? It will be a great idea to add a fresh look. DIY it or just ask someone to help you add a backsplash to your bathroom vanity.

Turn A Dresser Into Vanity

Upcycle a vintage dresser into a vanity will be a great idea. Sure, it will keep your budget rather than buying a new vanity storage space. Furthermore, this vintage makes your bathroom decor appears timeless and chic. Even the year changes, this bathroom will never go out of fashion.

Floating Vanity In Bathroom

A floating vanity in the bathroom will create an open up the space. This bathroom with a floating vanity and black tile flooring looks so gorgeous. It shows a modern and sleek design that works well for a small or large space. You can adopt this remodel option for your own bathroom as well.

Update Shower Wall

Make your shower pop by adding new tiles on the walls. Feel free to customize the tiles you like such as geometric style or just subway tile. Consider choosing bold colors to get a fresh and eye-catching decor. It will create a dramatic look.

Add A Shower Bench

Pay attention to your walk-in shower! It will be nice to add a shower bench on it, right? Moreover, you can add some baskets underneath to store towels or other things. Feel free to build the bench with tiles or just add a wooden bench inside.

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