Temperatures might still be chilly where you are, but the warm season will be here before you know it. It’s time to make the most of your outdoor living spaces.

If your home has a sunroom – or you’re thinking about adding one – you have the perfect spot for enjoying the season. Here are 10 ways to get your sunroom ready for summer nights.


1. Address Climate Control

Without adequate ventilation, your sunroom could become sweltering during the day. However, even the desert can get cold at night. How can you best prepare for temperature extremes?

If your sunroom is fully enclosed, your home’s HVAC system can help regulate the temperature. Ceiling fans circulate the air and pull-down blinds can block the worst of the sun’s rays during the afternoon heat. A patio heater or outdoor electric fireplace keeps you cozy when the night gets chilly.

2. Prepare a Sleep Spot

If your circadian rhythms are all out of sorts from nearly two years spent indoors juggling multiple schedule disruptions thanks to the pandemic, your sunroom can help reset your internal clock. 

The natural light from outdoors helps to resynchronize your body’s melatonin levels with nightfall. This is helpful if you’ve been burning the midnight oil because you’re stuck inside.

You can even convert your sunroom into a guest bedroom, making space for your friends and relatives to stay if they have one too many at your annual kickoff barbecue. Include a hide-a-bed or daybed and plenty of soft blankets and pillows to swaddle them in comfort. They’ll appreciate the starry view to lull them into dreamland.

3. Get Colorful

What goes best with sunny whites that open up the space? The trend is shifting toward bold hues. Why not get a bit creative with the wall closest to your home?

You can go for a single accent shade or get funky by painting geometric shapes. You could also repurpose old pallets into wall hangings for assorted plants and herbs, creating a greenhouse-like garden that lasts all year.

4. Make Snacking Convenient

Few things are more irritating than desperately seeking a place to set your brewski and settling for the floor. That is, until you accidentally kick it over, making a mess.

When outfitting your sunroom for summer nights, keep utility in mind. The right coffee and end tables give you and your guests plenty of spots for stashing your beverage and that jumbo bowl of popcorn for outdoor movie night.

5. Invite Stargazing

What’s more fun than the planetarium? What about a telescope all to yourself for moon gazing and watching meteor showers?

Why not invest in a telescope to get your sunroom ready for summer nights? This tool can come in handy when homeschooling your kids and makes a fascinating conversation piece at parties.

6. Make Your Lighting Fun and Dark Sky-Friendly

You have many options for outdoor lighting, including solar-powered lamps that won’t add to your electricity bill. You can also get whimsical by stringing holiday lights to create a festive look.

However, ensure your bulbs don’t obscure the night sky. Look for fully shaded fixtures and avoid bulbs along the blue light spectrum, which dim your view of the stars.

7. Upgrade Your Flooring

Wooden planks and concrete can freeze your feet, even in summer. Why not put something softer underfoot?

It’s a snap to decorate your space with throw rugs. You might even consider carpeting the area with a heavy-duty indoor-outdoor product.

8. That’s Entertainment

Sometimes, you want to do more than look at the stars. Why sit inside for a Netflix binge when the weather is lovely? Invest in entertainment options that can let you enjoy movie night in balmy weather, or a game room setup for summer parties.

9. Create a Moon Garden

Part of a sunroom’s allure is letting you enjoy nature’s beauty. Enhance it day or night by creating a moon garden outside your space.

Such gardens feature showy white blooms like Epiphyllum Oxypetalum that come alive under the moonlight. Incorporate various shapes, sizes, and even fragrances.

10. Add a Water Feature

The sound of running water offers the ultimate relaxation. Take advantage of the serenity by adding a water feature like a fountain to your sunroom.

Designs range from tiny tabletop models to elaborate corner focal points. You decide whether to let guests toss a penny within while making a wish.

Get Your Sunroom Ready for Summer Nights

The warm season is almost here. It’s time to prep your homestead for the ultimate in outdoor living. Follow the 10 tips above to get your sunroom ready for summer nights. Your family and guests will thank you as you kick back and enjoy the season in style.

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