Children go through incredible developmental changes between infancy and age 5. The time they spend playing helps them exercise their brains and bodies. This helps them develop motor skills, expand their imaginations, and process emotions. Quality play builds a solid foundation for later learning and increased intelligence.

A fancy playroom isn’t necessary for your child’s development. However, creating a fun place for your kids to play can encourage their creativity and offer learning opportunities. Here are 10 ideas to help you design the perfect space. 

1. Focus on Lighting

The quality of light in a space can affect wakefulness and mood. Take stock of the lighting in your chosen area. Ideally, there should be bright windows that let in a lot of natural light. 

You can also use lighting to create different zones. Incorporate fairy lights and themed lamps for a bit of fun. 

2. Create Learning Opportunities

Playrooms are the perfect place to introduce your children to the outside world. You can add a climbing wall, install a telescope or fill the room with information about local birds. 

Start with family interests and then tailor the decor to what excites your children as they grow. Fun educational spaces can help spark a lifelong love of learning. 

3. Build a Tiny World

Think back to how large rooms often felt when you were small. Breaking your playroom into small, functional spaces will create a sense of adventure for your kids. 

For example, you can have a kitchen area, a loft bed/treehouse and a reading nook. The most exciting playrooms feel like a small world, designed perfectly for your children’s sizes.  

4. Make It Interactive

Most adults prefer spaces that require minimal interaction and upkeep. However, kids thrive in places where they can act out their imaginations. Consider using chalkboard paint on one wall or adding a rug that doubles as a racetrack. Stages and mini-workshops also encourage active play. 

5. Get Your Kids Outdoors

Playrooms are often indoors, but embracing some indoor-outdoor placements can encourage your kids to get outside and enjoy some more athletic activities. Set up a play station in the garage, for example, to organize balls, bats, chalk and other outdoor toys in an engaging and easy-to-access way.

Patios, decks and sunrooms can also be great places to incorporate toy storage and imaginative play areas. Rather than pushing children to get off the couch, create engaging places to play in outdoor-adjacent living areas.

6. Consider a Theme

Theming your playroom can support your kids’ favorite make-believe games. For example, you could design this space around a children’s book like “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” or “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” You could also choose a broader theme like ocean life or jungle exploration that best suits their interests. 

7. Incorporate Low Storage

One of the best parts of a playroom is that it keeps your kids’ toys contained. It’s also a great opportunity to teach them healthy habits for organizing and picking toys up at the end of the day. Any storage you incorporate should be accessible for your kids so they can help with the tidying process. 

8. Add Timeless Pieces

Your kids will enjoy this space more if the furniture and storage fit their size. However, you can plan for expensive items to be easily repurposed as your kids get older. Fun elements like paint, bookshelves and toys can be swapped later, while couches, mirrors and lighting can be chosen to stay for the long run. 

9. Include Secret Hideouts

All children build forts. Give them an exciting place to play by incorporating fort material into their space. You can opt for a permanent one or get them in on the construction with blankets and couch cushions. Secret doors and hidey-holes in bookshelves can also be fun. 

10. Exercise Your Creativity

While adult rooms tend to be neutral, organized and calm, kid spaces should invite play and creativity. Add pops of bright color to your playroom and set up the area so kids know they can make a mess in this part of the house. 

Make sure there’s room for active play like running races and dancing. Bring in a crafting table and stock it with art supplies for hours of fun. 

Bring on the Fun With the Perfect Playroom

Creating the perfect playroom for your family will keep your kids’ toys contained while encouraging creativity and learning. It’s also an opportunity for you to make a really fun space for your kids to enjoy. 

Consider asking older children for their help with the process. You can brainstorm together and involve them in bringing their dreams to life. Keep your goals for the space front and center to achieve the optimal design for this part of your home.

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