Aesthetic grasscloth wallpaper ideas to make your home more luxurious fi

Grasscloth wallpapers aren’t just something to change your wall decor. Furthermore, using these wallpapers will make your home more luxurious. However, you should consider the price before applying grasscloth wallpaper to your wall. Usually, this wallpaper is used in luxurious homes and high-end hotels. It makes a space looks elegant with a soft texture. If you wish your home to appear like a hotel, apply this wallpaper. In this article, we have gathered grasscloth wallpaper for any room ideas. Check out further and get more inspiration!

Aesthetic grasscloth wallpaper ideas to make your home more luxurious 1

Beautiful Dining Room With Grey Grasscloth Wallpaper

Beautiful dining room with grey grasscloth wallpaper

It will be much better to improve your dining room appearance with grey grasscloth wallpaper. In this picture, we see the owner uses planked wainscoting to show a pretty dining room design. The use of a white stone dining table makes this space more welcoming. Furthermore, the wooden chairs and a brass chandelier works well to create a cozy atmosphere.

Stylish Black And Pink Bedroom Design

Stylish black and pink bedroom design

A bedroom with dark walls is elegant. This picture shows a boldly printed bed with pink touches that look so eye-catching. Then, it has a wall sconce to complete a modern style. Furthermore, there is a stained nightstand to keep books or anything near the owner. In this bedroom, we see a combination of neutral and colorful hues.

Bright Home Office With Green Grasscloth Wallpaper

Bright home office with green grasscloth wallpaper

The green grasscloth shows a more natural sensation in this bright home office. It has a pink desk that spruce up the room. The owner uses a yellow chair to add more pop of color. Then, there is a beaded chandelier hanging on the ceiling to give an elegant atmosphere. While the brass storage unit completes this pretty home office.

Catchy Kitchen With Yellow Grasscloth Wallpaper

Catchy kitchen with yellow grasscloth wallpaper

Can we apply grasscloth wallpaper for the entire kitchen walls? Yes, we can. Look at this cooking area with a white kitchen island that is so elegant. It has pendant lamps that become chic accents. The owner adds bold artwork to give artistic value to this modern kitchen design. With plenty of natural light, this kitchen looks so clean and airy. You can copy this design for your own kitchen and add more plants.

Vintage Bathroom With Taupe Grasscloth Wallpaper

Vintage bathroom with taupe grasscloth wallpaper

We love this bathroom with taupe grasscloth wallpaper for the entire walls. It looks more fabulous with white wainscoting. The clawfoot tub brings this bathroom to a Victorian ear. Moreover, the vintage free-standing sink clearly shows a prime sensation. The Roman shades in this bathroom perfectly blow our minds.


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