Sitting in a bad chair exerts loads of pressure on your neck, back, arms, and shoulders. When you stand up, you feel severe pain in these muscles. While your job requires you to stay focused, attentive and concentrated, aches and pains can cause distraction. As a consequence, the productivity rate drops and your overall well-being takes a hit. 

Studies have shown that regular office workers spend 15 hours a day on average sitting in a chair. Because of that long-term sitting, a bad chair can have a serious impact on your body. The only solution to this problem is to use a comfortable chair. It reduces excess pressure on your body and prevents harmful sitting postures.

How To Make A Chair More Comfortable?


Not just office workers, but all common people spend a lot of time sitting in a chair. For instance, you might use a chair for listening to music, playing games, studying, and so on. So investing in a good chair is vital for your health. You can also turn your chair into a comfortable one unless you want to buy a new chair. 

When we talk about making a chair more comfortable then believe us; it is the best thing you can do to your chair. Making a chair more comfortable is more cost-efficient than buying a new chair. Moreover, your old chair will look like an expensive versatile chair.

Adjust The Height

Adjusting the height of the chair comes first in making a chair more comfortable. The wrong height of the chair not only makes you feel uncomfortable but also causes stress and pain in your hips, back, knees, and the joint of your ankles. 

The proper sitting posture is laying your feet flat on the floor, bending your knees at a 90° angle. You will feel numbness in your legs if the height of your chair is too tall according to your height. Similarly, a chair that is short for you can put a strain on your back and cause pain. For this reason, it is imperative to adjust the height of your chair to make your sitting comfortable.

Get An External Lumbar Pillow


Many people complain of having back pain after sitting for a long time. The main reason for this is excess stress on the lumbar portion of your back. It bears most of your body weight and thus needs firm support when you sit for a long while. Unfortunately, the majority of the chair does not provide any support to the lumbar.  

The good news is that you can add a lumbar supporting pad to your chair separately. You can also get a back cushion or a lumbar pillow instead of a lumbar pad for supporting your back. 

Add A Seat Cushion

Most people look for comfort in the seat of the chair. But, not all chairs can provide that desired comfort. Well, you can add an extra seat cushion to your chair. A seat cushion will provide extra padding as well as elevate your body. 

While buying a seat cushion, make sure that you get the cushion that has the right cut and a raised center. These types of cushions can make your chair more comfortable so that you will not feel any numbness or pain after sitting for long hours.

Use Armrest Pads


Your hands (including arms) weigh 10% of the total weight of your body. So, you can not enjoy maximum comfort without resting them properly. In most chairs, the armrests do not have adequate padding and are too low.   

In this circumstance, you should add armrest pads. The pads will uplift the armrests and maintain a comfortable sitting posture. The pads relax your arms as well as improve the aesthetic quality of your chair. 

Consider A Footrest

To ensure the utmost comfortable sitting, pay your attention not only to the chair but also to your body and its posture. If your legs do not reach the ground, you should get a footrest. You will be able to put your feet on a solid surface with the help of a footrest. 

A right footrest does wonders in relieving fatigue. It enables you to sit upright by correcting your posture. Another advantage of a footrest is that it boosts your blood circulation which is often interrupted due to sitting for a long time. 

Adjust The Recline

Many chairs have the feature of adjusting the recline. Do not keep the chair at a 90° angle. Sitting on this angle for a long period stresses pressure on your spine. Although it is good for your spine to sit upright, you can not do that for a long time. For this reason, we recommend adjusting the recline of your chair to 135 degrees and taking a rest for a while.  

Check The Height Of Your Computer And Documents

The correct position for your hands is parallel to the floor. With the fixed desk, it is troublesome for some people to maintain this correct position while keeping their feet flat on the ground. If your desk is too tall, you can increase the height of your chair. On the other hand, do not decrease the height of your chair if your desk is low as doing it will disrupt the comfortable position for your legs. 

The wrong positioning of your computer screen can make your neck crane. Set the screen of your computer to 2-3 inches below your eye level. If you can not adjust the screen of your computer such as a desktop, you should change your desk.

Final Thought

You need to spend a considerable period of your time in a day sitting in a chair working and solving many important issues. While a normal chair can make you feel pain in your body, a comfortable chair pulls the fatigue and discomfort off with ease. It does not matter whether you have a comfortable chair or not. You can make your chair more comfortable by following the above suggestions.

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