Inspiring eco-friendly decor ideas with rough wood in modern ways fi

Home interior designers nowadays consider using rough wood in modern ways. They use driftwood, barn wood, and or reclaimed woods to add an eco-friendly atmosphere. Rough woods are easy to find and will add texture to the home. There are many ways to add rough woods to modern home decor. In this article, we will see a rough wood that makes a huge impact on the room decoration. You can consider adding rough wood pieces in your room as well. Check out our ideas below!

Inspiring eco-friendly decor ideas with rough wood in modern ways 1

Rough Wood Table Entry Way

Rough wood table entry way

Decorating your entryway with a rough wooden table is a great idea. In this picture, we see the designer adding a wooden stool to give a more natural feeling. There are some greenery branches on the table that perfectly reminds us about nature. This space is completed well with a black table lamp and artwork for a modern look.

Cozy Seating Space With Rough Wood

Cozy seating space with rough wood

Adding a sofa clad with rough wood will give your living room a more rustic tone. Furthermore, it gives more texture and adds a natural feeling. Combine the sofa with any modern pieces in the living room like an ottoman, standing lamp, or others.

Contemporary Concrete Fireplace With A Rough Wood

Contemporary concrete fireplace with a rough wood

What will you do if your fireplace is not in use? Using it as a decorative accent might be a great idea. This modern fireplace looks more gorgeous with rough wood in the mantel. The designer adds firewoods inside to improve this living space decoration.

Contemporary Kitchen With Roug Wood Shelves

Contemporary kitchen with rough wood shelves

Rough wood shelves in the kitchen are genius. Display your fragile items or other cooking tools here. The wood texture works well with green plants. It shows a pretty little garden in the kitchen. The black countertops show a real modern feel that works well with rustic shelves.

Beautiful Neutral Eat-In Kitchen

Beautiful neutral eat-in kitchen

This eat-in kitchen exposes a beautiful design with white cabinets. There is a rough wooden beam among other neutral hues. The designer adds vintage chairs to bring this cooking space to the Victorian era. Then, it has a white shabby chic table that completes this beautiful vintage-inspired decoration.

Lovely Rough Wood Dining Table

Lovely rough wood dining table

Adding a rustic touch to the dining room will not make it looks dull. In this picture, an aged wood table works well with some modern chairs around it. Furthermore, it shows a pretty natural sensation among other white hues. Having this wooden table will remind us of the natural atmosphere and simplicity.


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