Genius hidden door ideas to make your home feel funnier fi

It is a nice amenity to have a hidden door or secret passage. So, there are many ways you can create a hidden door and the selected ones are listed on this page.

Genius hidden door ideas to make your home feel funnier 1

Hidden Man Cave

Hidden man cave Genius Hidden Door Ideas To Make Your Home Feel Funnier


Well, have you ever imagined that you can hide such a large door and make it undetectable by other people? The answer is yes and here is the example. Through this idea, no one will suspect that there is a comfy room just behind the large shelves. Remember, when you want to access a large room of your hidden door, you will also need a large door.

Unexpected Hidden Door

Unexpected hidden door Genius Hidden Door Ideas To Make Your Home Feel Funnier


So, for this hidden door idea, you will need a wall in a bright color, an empty room, and a door frame that can be fitted with a bookshelf. After that, you can create a hidden door that no one expects. You can create an outstanding hidden door where there is a secret room inside.

Hidden Door With Storage

A hidden door with storage is an elaborate and delicate idea. This hidden door with storage is likely to be overlooked, making it a perfect option to be a hidden door. On the other hand, by seeing the hidden door, floor, and stairs, all of them are blended together to create a cohesive look.

Behind The Bookshelf

At glance, this bookshelf looks just like an ordinary bookshelf. It does not look special at all. Meanwhile, when pushed, the hidden door is moved and revealed. Through this idea, the books basically camouflage the door. So, it is mentioned as decoratively advantage as it for the function.

Hidden Passage In The Basement

This design makes your basement down below nicer with a hidden door. You can hide the room by installing a rotatable cabinet. So, this cabinet will be both a bookshelf and a door to access the hidden room. It looks so amazing, right? Then, if you install a door frame that blends with the cabinet, no one will know that there is a hidden room behind.

Elegant Hidden Door

For the last, note that not every hidden door needs to be delicate and elaborate. Through this hidden door idea, less can be more attractive. It looks simplistic and elegant with black painting with vertical lines that give a special texture.

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