Hidden storage ideas to help you declutter your bathroom fi

When it comes to bathroom organization, we will think about how to hide them. Well, bathroom storage is something that we need to consider more. We wish to have a bathroom that is clean and sleek. However, the storage space might disrupt our plan. It will be nice if there are some spaces to hide bathroom storage. In this article, we are going to show hidden storage ideas to help anyone declutters their bathroom. Let us check them out further below!

Hidden storage ideas to help you declutter your bathroom 1

Under Bathtub Storage Drawers

Under bathtub storage drawers


Taking advantage of unusual spots is a clever way to hide the storage. In this picture, we see a pretty idea to hide the storage under the bathtub. Well, some bathtubs provide an empty space underneath. We can use it to hide towels, shampoos, soaps, and others.

Mirror With Hidden Storage

Mirror with hidden storage


Let’s use mirrors more than just brighten up the bathroom. The space behind the mirror will be more functional to hide shampoos, soaps, or even toothpaste. It will not outreach and will make the room looks tidy and sleek. However, we need to add shelves behind the mirror first.

Recessed Medicine Cabinet Behind Bathroom Mirror

Sure, we can hide more things in this recessed medicine cabinet. You can store plenty of shampoos, soaps, or other things. The storage is hidden behind the mirror. Furthermore, it will not need more storage space on the wall. Since the cabinet is recessed, we can hide anything without making clutter elsewhere.

Under Sink Storage Organization In Bathroom

Utilizing the space under the sink will be a genius idea. Rise more shelves inside and put on your extra toilet papers, shampoos, soaps, or anything in this storage space. You can clean containers, baskets, or any storage items under the sink and organize your tools easily.

Shelf Added Over The Door In The Bathroom

We can add built-in shelves above the door. This space is unrecognized somehow. So, you can use it to save your towels, toilet paper, or other things up. Hiding your tools in this space is a great idea. You can take all the things when needed. Furthermore, it will not make your bathroom dull or crowded.

Pull Out Cabinet in a Bathroom

Hiding your makeup tools, hair tools, medicine, or other things in this pull-out cabinet is great. You don’t need to install additional storage items. Just utilize the cabinet with pull-out drawers. When you have done your necessary, just push it again.


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