Your passion for indoor or outdoor gardening can make your home shine. Personalize your living space by considering these ideas for displaying your green thumb in decor. Your house will feel more like a home that showcases your favorite hobby without compromising your space or budget.

1. Put Succulents on Your Mantel

Succulents are popular houseplants because they’re easy to maintain. They can also be tiny, so you can fit them in decorative pots that fit easily on a fireplace mantel or bookshelf. 

Succulent planters are versatile and fun decor pieces — whether you like adorable animal-shaped planters or more classic and contemporary pots. Match the containers to your interior decorating and they’ll blend seamlessly into your home.

2. Place Greens on a Bar Cart

Do you have a little-used display for your liquor collection? Many people have bar carts as the focal point of their living or dining room, so they’re also a fun place to add some greenery. 

Clear a space on the top shelf for a miniature terrarium with various plants. Pick a terrarium container before adding soil and horticultural charcoal to establish a self-sustaining environment that doesn’t require more of your time.

3. Hang Photos of Plants

Who said your greenery has to be all-natural? If you already have more indoor plants than you can fit into your space or free time, you can always add framed photos or canvas prints of more plants. 

It’s one of the best ideas for displaying your green thumb in decor because it fills blank wall space and remains permanently effortless.

4. Display Snake Plants in Bathrooms

Bathrooms often lack plants, so if you have a window in there, consider decorating yours with low-maintenance snake plants. They need minimal light exposure and look lovely in any planter.

Plus, snake plants are just good for your bathroom space. Research shows that snake plants remove airborne toxins like formaldehyde, an ingredient in some body washes and soaps. Enjoy some cleaner air the next time you go to take a shower.

5. Rehome Cacti on Window Sills

If you’re thinking low maintenance, cacti are the perfect pick. However, a well-cared for cactus can grow larger than you think, so make sure you have enough sunny space for the plant to thrive.

Some homes have wide window sills, which is the perfect place to display cacti. Compare sizes to see which plants will fit best. As long as they’re away from areas with frequent traffic, you won’t have to worry about knocking your new plant display onto the floor.

6. Find Tall Planters for Ferns

Ferns do well indoors, so consider displaying your green thumb in decor by finding tall planters for them. They’ll add depth to your interior design with their unique leaf shape and texture. 

Their planters can also accentuate your home by matching the accent colors in your pillow covers or curtains.

7. Adopt a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Indoor trees are another possibility for anyone with green thumbs. Fiddle leaf fig trees commonly fill empty spaces behind furniture, like cornered living room chairs. 

The best part of bringing this kind of tree home is that they require infrequent watering. Play with the possibilities of vertical plants by adding a few to your house.

8. Hang a Heartleaf Philodendron

Hanging planters are another excellent solution for anyone passionate about indoor gardening. The hardware will safely install in any ceiling, so you can add gorgeous greenery like a heartleaf philodendron to your home. 

Just ensure the installation won’t ruin your living arrangement. Rental units often don’t allow residents to make holes as large as hanging planters require.

9. Plant Herbs in Ceramic Kitchen Pots

Anyone with spices on a turntable display in their kitchen has the best place for an herb garden. Make room for a few small pots to resupply your spice collection with homegrown herbs that double as decor. As long as your kitchen stays at 55-75 degrees Fahrenheit, your chosen herbs will thrive.

10. Invest in a Plant Ladder

Leaning ladders are a popular household decor item. They fill unsightly empty wall space and hold whatever decorations you prefer. They’re also the perfect place for small indoor plants, so consider adding one to your entryway or bedroom to house your newest indoor plants.

Display Your Green Thumb in Decor

Use these ideas for displaying your green thumb in decor to transform any part of your living space. You’ll showcase your love for gardening in the best ways for your home, time, and budget by finding inspiration in tips like these.

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