Finding your style is one of the fun parts of decorating your home. However, you may not know where to start. Look for a style that makes you happy and matches your personality. With that in mind, here are a few popular decoration styles you can pull from.

1. Transitional Interior

This style is between traditional and contemporary. It mixes classic elegance with modern finishes. If you prefer a more balanced design, this is a good option. Also, the decor is kept to a minimum to create a calming feeling. Instead, the furniture and textiles are the main focal points.

Experiment with fun-colored rugs and throw pillows and blankets. Use modern materials, like steel, and combine them with plush furnishings. It can create a stylish and warm atmosphere. Neutral color schemes also work well for this design theme.

2. Traditional Style

The traditional style uses furniture made from dark wood that’s ornately decorated. It gets inspiration from European decor featuring rich color palettes and various textures. The furnishings are made with elaborate fabrics, such as velvet or silk. These materials come in multiple patterns, from florals to stripes.

Another element is the use of layering and depth. Some homeowners find matching furniture sets for consistency. However, if you prefer a more elevated look, this may not be your style.

3. Modern Design

This is a popular term that’s used often, but it’s often a hard style to pin down. It can be confused with the word “contemporary.” However, the modern home is designed based on a specific period. It comes from Scandinavian, mid-century modern, and post-modern designs.

Suppose you were designing with a Scandinavian influence. You want to incorporate elements such as natural wood and light tones. Modern spaces also have furniture with clean lines and smooth surfaces, like glass. Another important element is less clutter and accessories. This makes the space feel more relaxing. The color scheme is simple, with neutral tones, so the artwork adds colorful accents.

4. An Eclectic Space

An eclectic design may seem a little mismatched. However, it’s more of a culture-rich space where a selection of high-end pieces is brought together. For those who prefer a more minimal style, this can feel too busy. However, it’s a fun way to blend old and new.

You can mix different trends, patterns, and textures all in one place. Just choose one element to tie the room together, such as a unifying color or material. Then layer your space, starting with larger items and then adding smaller ones.

5. Contemporary Style

This one is constantly evolving and rooted in current design trends. A contemporary home creates an elegant and simple atmosphere. It often has open layouts and detailed features, like crown molding. Glass and metals are prominent features to help reflect more natural light. Neutral colors mixed with textured fabric create a luxurious interior.

Here are more current design trends to add to your contemporary space:

  • Painting with browns
  • Nature-inspired elements
  • Curved furniture
  • Tactile textiles and textures
  • Elevated outdoor furniture

6. Minimalism

A minimalist design style uses a neutral color scheme with whites and grays. There aren’t usually any patterns and textures are minimal. This creates a comforting atmosphere. Another element is functional furniture, such as a lift-up coffee table. Also, storage is essential in a minimalist space.

This consists of extra shelving or even furniture that doubles as storage. Having room to hide things ensures the space has that clean feel. In addition, many surfaces have clean lines and simple finishes. The motto for minimalist design is “less is more.”

7. A Bohemian Style

This is a free-spirited vibe that combines different cultures and artistic expression. It’s closer to an eclectic style. The theme tends to place value on nature. So, incorporate plants and natural tones, like greens and blues. However, you can still use bold colors and patterns for accents. Other common decor elements include animal hides, metallic finishes, and wood flooring.

Another critical element of the bohemian design is an immersion in culture. Add trinkets from your travels to give off a nomadic vibe. These elements show off your personality and passions.

8. Modern Farmhouse Design

This theme mixes both rustic and modern styles. Homeowners still use traditional farmhouse elements, like shiplap and barn doors. However, they add modern features like wide-plank floors and open spaces.

Another key characteristic is mixing different metals, like gold and nickel. This provides an eye-catching contrast. In addition, incorporating nature is essential, so add elements of wood and greenery. You also want to use neutral or nature-inspired hues, such as navy blue.

9. Shabby Chic Vibe

This style is for anyone who likes vintage items. Some people even use furniture passed down from previous generations. The design also has a soft and feminine feel. The furnishing is usually painted or distressed.

Lighter colors, like white, are paired with floral patterns. You can elevate the look with luxury accents, like chandeliers. This creates an elegant and cozy atmosphere.

10. Hollywood Glamor Theme

If you enjoy elegance and making a bold statement, this is your style. It can be a more over-the-top design inspired by the Victorian era. You can incorporate velvet furniture and antiques and paint the walls in bold colors. You might also consider hanging up old movie posters to create a fun gallery wall.

Here are a few more design tips for the space:

  • Use mirrors and metallic finishes
  • Focus on luxury and comfort
  • Add layered, textured design elements and finishes
  • Incorporate lacquered and high-gloss surfaces
  • Add small-scale furniture with fur and velvet accents

Design Styles for Your Home

Creating a relaxing space is all about deliberate home design. You want to incorporate pieces that make you feel good. Yet, sometimes we all need a little inspiration. Consider pulling some ideas from these popular decoration styles and making them your own.

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