When it comes to home improvements, the outdoors is often excluded, and more focus is given to the interiors. However, outdoor home improvements not only increase the value of the home but also makes living there more appealing for the owners! In fact, according to NAR’s Joy score, which measures the happiness of homeowners, outdoor improvement scores are highly on the list. Here, we have provided some of the best home improvement ideas to make your home look and feel better.  


A backyard garden is one of the easiest and most appealing outdoor home improvements that you can invest in. 64% of UK residents claim that they would not be interested in a home property if it does not have a garden or some sort of outdoor space. Outdoor spaces have especially gained importance ever since the pandemic, as they allow for a bit of outdoor time without having to worry about the infection.  

With spring coming up, having a backyard garden will give you a beautiful, flower-filled spot to have a nice cosy day! To plan your garden home improvement, you need to take a lot of things into consideration. Notice the amount of sunlight the space receives during different times of the day- this will affect the way you plant your flowers and other flora, as well as the spaces you make your outdoor sitting in. Have a proper pavement so that all parts of your garden are easy to reach and try to match your flowers to the outside décor or the natural views.  


One of the more important and time-consuming tasks, gutter cleaning is extremely important for ensuring hygiene as well as keeping the space from getting clogged. If you leave the gutter cleaning off for a long time, you run the risk of having the rainwater seep in and damage the property. Clean gutters, therefore, become essential to ensure that you don’t damage your property and reduce its curb appeal. With an improved and cleaned gutter system, you can properly redirect the rainwater from your roof, protect the house from heavy rain, as well as reduce the moisture around the windows.  

If you are wondering how often to clean your gutters, they require a proper cleaning twice every year. If you have a lot of trees in or around your property, autumn and spring might be good times to invest in the cleaning. It would be better to allow a professional to do this task if you do not have prior experience in gutter cleaning. You can contact a professional by clicking here.  

Front door replacement

One of the easier as well as cost-effective outdoor home improvements ideas, front door replacements is effective and not very time-consuming. Not only does it create a strong first impression, but it also allows you to create a more aesthetically pleasing outdoors. You can opt for different kinds of materials- from the traditional wood and steel to the newly used fibreglass- a front door takes anywhere from £1000 to £3000 to get installed.  

Fibreglass and steel are the recommended door styles, especially recently, as they take a lot less to get installed and do not require much maintenance, unlike the traditional wooden doors that are subject to rot, infestations as well as breakage due to excess water. Moreover, steel and fibreglass are sturdier than wooden doors, making them a safer option.  

Installing a deck

If you are unsure about getting a garden in your backyard but still want a space where you can sit and enjoy the spring and summer, including a deck in your outdoor home improvement might be a good idea. It allows for a space where you can lounge and relax, all the while increasing the resale value of your home. However, there are a lot of things that you need to consider when installing a deck.  

The first thing that needs to be considered is the material being used- while wood is the classic approach, multiple other materials are less maintenance than wood and provide a better finish. Metal has become a popular choice along with recycled plastics and pressured woods as they hold better to the weather in the UK. The one material that is not recommended is PVC or plastic planks. Not only are they costly to install, but they are also not very good in the summer as they absorb sunlight and become extremely hot very fast. Apart from that, they can also feel very spongy to walk on.  

Instead, Aluminium is a good choice, as it offers slip resistance in rainy weather and does not get damaged by harsh winds and rains.  

You should also consider getting your deck lightning figured out before you start the process. The lightning will solely depend on the mood you are going for along with your budget. It is better to research before you get the lightning installed to make sure it is good outdoors and can last a long time.

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