Boosting the value of your property is highly important, but it can be difficult to consider what aspects need improving. Since some outdoor home improvement projects are also on the more expensive side, it is vital to consider what will be worth your time and effort to improve, and what the return on investment will be. After all, when spending a considerable amount on a project, it is important to consider the value added to the home when you choose to put it on the market. Stay tuned as we list some top tips on how to improve the exterior of your property. 

 Replace the garage door

An old, beaten-up garage door can seriously deteriorate the overall perception of your property, especially because it is a sizable aspect. Replacing the garage door can improve the curb appeal of your home, especially if you add in a modernised version. Replacing a stained or weather-beaten white garage door with a dark brown contemporary one with panelling, and high windows could make all the difference in adding value to the property. Alongside this, it will certainly be more appealing to look at.  

 Add extra security

If your home demonstrates value, or you simply take pride in the exterior of your property, adding additional security features is a wise choice. Improved security does not stop at locking your front and back doors! Did you know that when an individual approaches your property with unlawful intentions, they are more likely to leave the property upon noticing security cameras? This is why installing CCTV is a great addition to your property exterior. Not only does it threaten thieves, but it also prevents crimes from happening, meaning that the protection of your household and the building itself is increased. Click here for CCTV installation. 

 Update the landscape

Updating the landscaping of your property is the perfect way to make use of the outdoor area, but it can be difficult knowing where to start, particularly if the outside of your property is on the larger side. Some landscaping projects can be more extensive and may require professional help to be completed. For example, these types of projects may include artificial grass installation, wooden decking, or perhaps monoblock paving. Landscaping can also be completed in other ways and can be as easy as adding in a flower bed or a few plants to the outskirts of your home.  

 Add in an outdoor living area

For the warmer summer nights, having an outdoor living area is the perfect addition to the outside of your home. The best part? This project does not need to be as difficult or expensive as you may think. In fact, you can easily purchase outdoor furniture at a lower cost during the off-seasons such as the Autumn or Winter periods, or perhaps in Black Friday sales. If you are a fan of interior design or updating furniture within your home, selecting outdoor furniture can be a fun and exciting task, and seeing it all come together can be rewarding.  

Add outdoor lighting features

Adding outdoor lighting is not only extremely practical, but it also adds affluence to the exterior of your property. Some lighting features are also very stylish and contemporary, for example, soffit lights on the roof overhang, or even stainless-steel wall lighting at either side of your front door. Oh, and not to mention excessive lighting also helps with burglar situations, as they are less likely to approach your property, especially when accompanied by CCTV cameras! Lighting can also be really helpful for delivery drivers in the evening hours and is helpful when you are outside your home in the dark. Stylish and practical, a win-win! 

Purchase a hot tub

If you weren’t involved in the lockdown craze of buying a hot tub or a lazy spa, then what are you waiting for? These appliances are the perfect addition to the back garden of your home and are perfect for entertainment purposes. What more could you ask for on the weekends of the summer months than a hot tub party!? We understand that hot tubs can be expensive, however, some retailers offer the option to rent them, meaning that you do not need to have them the full year, especially in the colder months when they may not be used. Or, you could opt for the cheaper alternative, the lazy spa, which is less robust and can easily be deflated and stored away for winter.  

 Expand with an extension

Sometimes, your home really could be bigger. However, you stick with it because the thought and hassle of moving property can be very overwhelming. What better way to expand than to add an extension? Especially if you have unused land at the side or back of the exterior of your property. Extensions do not only add space but can also improve and modernise the property. Adding a balcony, or even wooden cladding to the extension can give your home a more unique touch making it stand out from others, and not to mention, this will really benefit you when it comes to eventually putting your home on the market.  

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