Area rug designs to elevate the atmosphere of every outdoor gathering space fi

Adding an area rug to the outdoor area is a great idea. It will add warmth and coziness. Investing in a designer rug is a great idea to add warmth and coziness to the outdoor areas. Consider choosing wheater-resistant rug area materials to get them more durable in your patio, deck, balcony, poolside, or even sunroom. Feel free to choose bohemian to modern design to fit your all-year style. In this article, we have collected area rug designs that will fit any outdoor decor. You can choose one of them for your outdoor area. Check out our ideas further!

Area rug designs to elevate the atmosphere of every outdoor gathering space 1

White Fish in Dark Navy Rug

White fish in dark navy rug


If you love rug areas with nautical-inspired tones, this area rug might be what you wish. The pattern looks so gorgeous with white fish in the dark navy. It seems like seeing some fishes swim in the dark sea. Having this rug will remind us about the beauty of the deep sea with sharks and thousands of fish.

Bright Tropical Area Rug

Bright tropical area rug


Isn’t it pretty? Look at this bright tropical area rug that will make you feel like on a tropical island. Colorful flowers look awesome for outdoor decoration. Just choose the perfect size for your balcony and make it more fabulous with a floral pattern.

Yellow And Ivory Geometric Patterns

This eco-friendly area rug will improve your outdoor decoration with a bright look. With yellow color and ivory geometric patterns, this rug works well with a modern outdoor design. Furthermore, you can use it for other styles whether rustic, bohemian or even contemporary.

Colorful Moroccan Area Rug Design

Let your outdoor area look more cheerful with red, blue, and yellow. If you want to make your outdoor area appear more festive, this rug is a perfect choice. Combine with a blue couch and green plants to get a more mind-blowing outdoor decoration.

Nanimarquina Shade Outdoor Rug

For anyone who loves a more luxurious look for their outdoor decor, add a Nanimarquina shade outdoor rug. It has pretty smooth gradients of colors that will improve any outdoor area to look more elegant. You are free to choose the most perfect vibrant color for your own patio.

Stylish Modern Area Rug

A rug with dark stripes on a light base works well for modern outdoor decor. Putting this area rug on the poolside will be a great idea. Combine the rug with a white outdoor sofa set to get a more minimalist look. This rug is made of strong recycled pet yarns that will be strong for all year. Even the season has changed, you are still able to use this rug for your outdoor decor.

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