When your home has a small family bathroom, you will need to embrace some creative ideas to help you make the most of the available space when renovating it. With some out-of-the-box thinking, you can create an excellent family bathroom that looks fantastic and practical. You can get lots of tips and tricks you can use in your bathroom design online from websites that you may find helpful. 

Below are some things you can consider doing with your bathroom design to help you maximise your use of space and ensure you create the perfect family bathroom for your home.

Make It Light & Airy

You can use colour, light, and shadow to create the illusion that your space is bigger than it is. You can visit a bath showroom in Egham or at a bathroom store near you and see the displays they have and notice how they use colour and light to make them look striking and effective. Ensure you choose light colours for your bathroom walls, as using darker colours will make it look smaller, so you will want to avoid using them.

Add A False Wall For A Shelf

You can help cure your storage problems by adding a false wall in your bathroom that you can use as a shelf. The false wall will not take up too much space, and it is an excellent way to finish your bathroom while also giving you some much-needed storage space. It is also a cost-effective addition to your bathroom that will not break the bank but can add some style and personality to your small family bathroom.

Choose A Suitable Sized Bathtub

When you have limited space in your family bathroom, you cannot afford to have oversized things in it, so this means you will have to get a bathtub of a suitable size. You will want to visit a Bracknell bath store or a showroom in your city to see what options are available for smaller bathtubs that may be suitable for you and your family. You may want to consider getting rid of the bathtub entirely, and making do with a shower, which takes less space, uses less water, and is a more practical solution.

Install A Larger Window

Something else you may want to consider for your bathroom is installing a larger window in it. Doing this will help let in more light into your bathroom and create the illusion of a larger space, so it is something worth considering. Having a larger window that opens will also help you ventilate your toilet, which will help prevent mould and mildew from forming, and help stop bad smells.

Use Mirrors To Open Up The Space


Mirrors are a practical addition to a bathroom that you use when washing your face, shaving, or applying makeup. You can also use mirrors to make your bathroom seem bigger, and they can help maximise the light in the space. You can add a large mirror to one wall or even consider mirrored tiles for your walls, which is an excellent way to achieve the same result without paying for a large mirror.

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