Rustic bedrooms to attain countryside feeling without leaving the city limits fi

If you feel like getting stressed because of your busy work, it will be much better to escape to the countryside. However, it will need more time and money to go there. We get an easy way to get a countryside feeling without leaving the city limits. Design your bedroom in rustic style. In this way, you only need to change your bedroom atmosphere to a farmhouse feel. Check out our ideas further below to see rustic bedroom designs further!

Rustic bedrooms to attain countryside feeling without leaving the city limits 1

Decorating with Earthy Tones

Decorating with earthy tones

A bedroom with neutral tones will bring an overall feeling of calm and peace. In this bedroom, the designer applies Tuscan red to the wall. It causes a grounding and cocooning atmosphere in this space instantly. Look at the floorboards and angular paneling in this bedroom that dramatically add a warm feeling.

Bedding With Textural Linen

Bedding with textural linen

A rustic bedroom with textural linen gives a true farmhouse feel. Rather than synthetic materials, linen is made of flax fibers that make a bed looks more breathable. It helps our body to gain a better temperature when sleeping. So, we will get a better sleep quality and get up with a happy feeling.

Try Shiplap Panelling on the Wall

Try shiplap paneling on the walls

Look at this bedroom that looks so eye-catching with shiplap paneling. You can try this for your bedroom as well. Try a single wall with paneling that will draw our eyes distracting to the size of the bedroom. So, it will appear higher because the vertical lines accentuate the height. White hues in this bedroom bring a bright and airy atmosphere.

Add A Rustic Feel With Woven Rug

Add a ructic feel with woven rug

Choose the pieces that will add gentleness and character. Adding a woven rug in the bedroom will add texture to the bedroom. Use a woven rug that is made from natural material like a jute rug to get a soft touch underfoot when you step into the bedroom. Furthermore, a woven rug is also provided in an earthy tone that brings a warm atmosphere to the bedroom.

Rustic Bedroom with Reclaimed and Vintage Pieces

Rustic bedroom with reclaimed and vintage pieces

In this bedroom, we see more antique furniture and fixtures that are made of reclaimed materials. Adding those elements in the bedroom is a great way to add rusting feeling. The owner also applies wood paneling to bring a more farmhouse feel. Even the wooden shelf over the bed adds a warm touch to the bedroom. The white textured wall also gives a statement of a cozy rustic atmosphere in this bedroom design.


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