Deck alternative designs instead of wood to consider fi
Spending time outside on the deck is a great thing to do. Yet, wood decking needs very serious maintenance. For at least three years, wood decking will show rotting that can spread out the entire home. It will get peeling, crackling, and even splintering. If you need decking alternatives to wood decking, you are on the right site. Check out our list below!
Deck alternative designs instead of wood to consider 1

Cool Composite Decking

Try this material for your decking design. This material is made of fiber, wood, plastics, and a binding agent that is mixed. No matter how the season changes day by day, the composite deck will show its best look longer than wood. If you wish to have a deck look like a wooden deck, this cool composite decking is one of the best alternatives for you. 

Poured Concrete Deck

Concrete is great to use for building a deck instead of wood. In this picture, we see a poured concrete deck of a house. But, this material will not bring your deck to look luxurious. But, a poured concrete deck is cheap. If you want to create a large deck on a budget, you can use poured concrete.

Porcelain Stoneware Decking

Porcelain stoneware decking


This is a dreamy decking design that anyone will wish to build in their backyard. This material is used around pools and hot tubs. Don’t worry using porcelain stoneware materials will not make the surface slippery. They can handle high traffic for years. They are also known as waterproof materials. Furthermore, there are more colors and patterns alternatives to choose from. All they are good for your favorite backyard design.

Gorgeous PVC Decking

Wood decking is elegant, but PVC decking is better. You can build a deck by using this material that is made from capped polymer deck boards. Instead of wood, this material is more durable. Using PVC will make your deck free from any moisture, mildew mold, and weathering. There are more colors to choose from this material to make your deck looks more interesting.

Concrete Pavers Deck

Concrete pavers deck


The look of the concrete paver deck is like a poured concrete deck. It seems more interesting because of the pattern. This material will be more durable instead of wood for five decades. So, what do you think? Will you change your deck with concrete pavers? Rather than using wood, concrete pavers allow you to save more budget. Isn’t it cool?

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