The kitchen is one of the most expensive areas in the home to remodel. The funds needed to procure the materials and employ enough workforce can easily drain one’s pockets.

Let’s face it—everyone wants to maximize their savings while still getting the job done. But not to worry! There are several ways to spruce up a kitchen without maxing out one’s budget.

Get a New Look but Keep the Layout

Doing dramatic changes to the kitchen layout is one sure way to skyrocket remodeling expenses. These may include transferring plumbing or reinstalling appliances.

But it is completely possible to improve a kitchen by keeping its original framework. The solution is to look for specific areas to refresh or replace.

Ditch the dingy outdated design and go for a fresh modern look with the following easy ideas:

  • Change up the backsplash. Painting on the walls using stencils is more cost-saving than replacing the tiles.
  • Refresh the cabinets. Boring old oak cabinets will have to go. Give them an instant new look by coating them with light paint. Sticking to neutrals will give the space a simple yet sophisticated vibe.
  • Add interesting light fixtures. Changing up the lights is one way to revamp the ambiance. Opt for a hanging decorative piece for a little drama or replace old light fixtures with newer, brighter lights.

Replace the Sink


Some sinks don’t need cleaning—they simply need to be replaced. Switching the old sink with a more modern one is an instant game-changer for kitchen remodeling projects. It will make the kitchen look good and improve its functionality.

Installing a new sink can be challenging, but it’s still a rewarding task to DIY. Before jumping in on the project, it’s best to prepare all the tools ahead and ensure personal safety. Wearing nitrile gloves while doing handyman work will prevent grime and gunk from entering the skin and keep it safe from unintentional cuts.

Consider Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets

The years can wear down cabinets. If they are already impossible to salvage, it’s time to get new ones. However, building cabinets from scratch can take a lot of time, skill, and money. For homeowners short on those aspects, getting ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets is the most cost-effective option.

RTA cabinets will be delivered in parts. You only need to put them together using a screwdriver.

Fix What Can Be Fixed

Many appliances often end up in landfills during a kitchen remodel when they can still be refurbished. Instead of purchasing new ones that will likely cost a fortune, try to check if your old appliances are still repairable.

Instead of paying for a professional, homeowners can easily fix appliances themselves. Many instructional materials on fixing a dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, or water heater are available online.

Of course, it’s still best to assess one’s skill before trying to repair these devices. Otherwise, they may pay even more money to repair the damage caused.

Redo or Replace Countertops


The countertop is the centerpiece of the kitchen. Giving it a makeover is sure to catch anyone’s eye.

There are many countertop options, ranging from pocket-draining to less than a hundred dollars. Learn a thing or two from these ideas:

  • Laminate. This can mimic high-end granite countertops at only $30 a sheet. Choose from a variety of options, such as textured white or Calacatta marble.
  • Granite tiles. Swapping out the slab for tiles is much cheaper and easier to DIY. Just be wary of spills as they can seep through the grout and can be a pain to clean later.
  • Paint. Refreshing paint on countertops is an easy and affordable upgrade anyone can do. Then, seal it with a good epoxy resin coating for that glossy look.

Preparation Is Key

Kitchen remodels demand a lot of work and skill. Before deciding to DIY, homeowners need to assess if they’re up for the task. If the savings are worth the amount of time and effort to remodel their own kitchen, they better roll up their sleeves and start breaking a sweat.  

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