All commercial properties need to consider a commercial pest control plan from the beginning. This will allow you to keep all sorts of pests out and maintain the safety and cleanliness of your company. Some of the ways that you can handle pests on your commercial property, no matter what type of commercial property you have, include:

Office Spaces

While many business owners assume they do not need to worry about pest removal in their offices, this is still a place that needs commercial pest control. Employees may leave food around on occasion and the stale air and ventilation problems can make it easier for the pests to move in. And think about all of the great wood in your furniture and desks that could make a nice home for pests if you are not careful. Choose the right pest removal team to help keep your offices safe.


Many companies that work with suppliers and have storage spaces will need to consider commercial pest removal as well. In a warehouse, you will find that the spread of pests can occur when the supplies within it are close together. As soon as one pest gets in, it will not take long for them to spread throughout the whole facility. Pest control for commercial buildings will be important in your warehouse because these environments will lack extended supervision and have many places for the pests to hide and take over.


Manufacturing is a product-centric type of business. If something goes wrong, like pests taking over, it is possible that the whole system will break down. These problems could also transfer over to the home of the consumer if the company is not careful with what they are doing. A good commercial pest removal plan is going to be one of the best ways to handle pests within a manufacturing plant.


This is one area where an infestation of pests will not only affect the quality of the product, but it is also possible that the customers will see it if there is a pest within the building. It is not likely the customer will go into the office spaces, a warehouse, or a manufacturing plant, but they will go into a retail store to get the items that they need. Even a small pest infestation can be noticed by your customers and can cause them to not want to shop in your stores any longer.


Hotels are a unique mix between restaurants and retail stores. The entire experience of the customer will rely on having a positive view of the aesthetic and hygiene in relation to everything within the building. A pest infestation that is not treated right away can be a pathway to a permanently stained reputation and can lead to regulation backlash as well. You will need to keep up on the pest control to make sure your business will not fail.

At Sprague Pest Control Solutions, we are here to provide you with all of the pest removal services that you need. From commercial pest control to rodent control and prevention, our team of professionals are here to help provide you with the solutions you need to keep all pests away from your property and from harming your business. Contact us today to get started.

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