When most students get into college, one of the things they think about is how to decorate their rooms. To go about this, they browse through room decoration ideas and images on internet platforms, particularly Pinterest and Instagram.


When you have finished packing and are ready to move into your hostel (on or off campus), you should bring an extra box with items to decorate your room. Making your room welcoming is just one of the many challenges students have to face. Paying tuition fees, registering for classes, and writing essays or thesis are just a few of the other tasks.

Unfortunately, few students are capable of producing excellent essays. Thanks to technological advancements, there are now online writing help available, and you can get the best writing service for your theses and essays from these platforms. You can also read reviews from users to check out their work. Balancing academics and personal comfort can be daunting, but with platforms like “assignmentmaster“, students can delegate their writing tasks and focus on creating a hospitable environment in their new rooms.

Your room can be exquisite, or it can be shabby; it all depends on you. Here are some of the ways you can add personality to your student room

  • Get lights for your room
  • Get a noticeboard
  • Consider including a houseplant
  • Get furnishings for your room
  • Put up command hooks

Let’s briefly discuss these tips.

Get Lights for Your Room

Lights are an essential component of any room. It makes no difference how aesthetically pleasing your room is if there are no lights to allow people to see it. You might be better off ignoring furnishings. 

Some of the best dorms and rooms have a bulb hanging on the ceiling, but you don’t have to stop there. Nothing prevents you from adding some fairy lights and sidelights to your room to give it some warmth and personal touch.

Get A Notice Board

You will find that getting a notice board for your room as a student is beneficial. You can put up your family photos and a lot of more important items like a reading list for when you need to study. 

You can also write down deadlines for the submission of assignments or essays on a small card and put them up on the notice board. A notice board also adds decoration and aesthetics to your room.

As a student, you will find that having a notice board in your room is beneficial. You can display family photos as well as other important documents, such as a reading list for when you need to study. 

You can also put deadlines for submitting assignments or essays on a small card and post them on the notice board, while it also adds aesthetics and decoration to your room.

Consider Including a House Plant

Your room needs a little bit of life in it, and that’s where a houseplant becomes necessary. Even the dullest rooms can look a bit less dull when a houseplant is introduced to the room. The design and color of the pot are also important. Pick out a colorful pot for your houseplant and place it in the room to give it a bright touch.

Get Furnishings for Your Room

Although other elements are important, what makes up a room is mostly the furnishings. Students who take up decorating degree programs would agree that furnishings such as rugs, cushions, a doormat, carpet, and curtains enhance the appearance of any room while also adding comfort and coziness. If you have a small room, then you shouldn’t add so many furnishings at the same time. Pick only those that you need, and make your room beautiful.

Put Up Command Hooks

Hammering on walls may cause cracks. However, this does not prevent you from displaying photographs or posters in your room. With a command hook, you can now hang anything, including a mirror.


There are a couple of things you can do to make your room cozier and more comfortable. Some of them have been highlighted in this article. If you are a freshman, you can apply some or all of the advice given above to your apartment when you leave for college. Also, if you are already a student, nothing prevents you from trying any of the above.

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