Almost every college student these days tries to make one’s apartment look fresh and trendy. The only challenge is that most items and accessories that we want to have are pretty expensive. Don’t forget that it’s not the price that matters, but your creativity and the willingness to create your unique style. Even affordable decor items will look professional and flashy if you work at them and organize every new addition accurately. Starting with the free space management to how you use the colors, let your creativity flow free even when you are on a budget! Do not hurry and give it enough time to see what works for you! 

Genius College Apartment Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Pillow Covers & Cozy Pillows

These are usually affordable and can add something special to your room, especially when you have college friends visiting you. You can make your pillow covers personalized or copy those you might have at home. It adds an element of feeling cozy. You can change your pillow covers from time to time by keeping your room fresh and inspiring. It also makes it easier to study when you feel comfortable. You will feel less stressed if you hire online paper help and get help with your academic challenges. It will give you more time, so you can get creative and decorate your room. 

Bath Tray Decorations

Think about decorating your bathroom because this aspect is often overlooked. Adding a wooden tray to your bathroom where you store your accessories will also keep things tidy and personal. You can use trays for storing your smartphone and the charger because these cost only about $25-35 on Amazon. It works way better than any organizers, as you have it all in one place! Remember to see various options to fit your style! 

Flashy Hardware Furniture

Another great idea is adding beautiful hardware to your college apartment furniture. Since you might not have something overly expensive, using this trick to decorate college apartment works wonders. You can go vintage and use something discovered on flea markets or purchase something that will be reminiscent of gold. It will always depend on your style, and you can change the furniture hardware if you dislike it. In either case, your picky visitors will be impressed!

Macrame Trick

It is a significant step-up for creative personalities. Think about adding Macrame elements to your college apartment by decorating your walls. It is affordable and can be adjusted according to your needs. It will add a retro (or a hippie) vibe to your college room. It’s not only fancy but also a great way to keep things inspiring and unique. 

Add Enough Light to Your College Apartment

When your apartment lacks light, even the brightest and most meaningful room objects will feel lost as your visitors will fail to notice them. You can use LED strips as an addition or add more natural light by positioning your furniture differently. The more light you add, the better your room will look. Alternatively, you can add USB lamps to highlight your study area and think about decorating things nicely (just think about all the futuristic or vintage solutions offered these days!). Since we talk of affordable USB-powered or LED options, these are easy to install and won’t cost a fortune! 


Charlotte Banks is a business consultant, online content creator, and academic life advisor. When she is not offering her services to college students and educators, Charlotte loves to decorate things and seek inspiring ideas. Follow Charlotte to learn and take your creativity to another level. 

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