Videos have taken the world by storm, and no industry has been left untouched by videos and video marketing. Real estate is one such industry where the video is getting more relevant with every passing day. Therefore, as real estate professionals, you must make the best use of videos. You should try and integrate real estate marketing ideas with video marketing and come up with videos that will help you in enticing your buyers. Let’s check out how real estate agents can use videos to promote the home interiors and designs.

Ways to Promote Home Interior Designs Video

There are several ways to promote the interiors of the video. You must have an objective in mind and have it clear what you want to achieve from the video you are creating for the buyers and potential buyers. There are different ways videos and video marketing can be used in the real estate industry. It’s your time to experiment and understand what works for your company. Listed below are some of how you can promote your home interior designs video:

Create a Niche

Are you into office spaces or properties for residential areas? It would help if you had a clear positioning for your customers to understand what you have to offer. Creating a niche is very important when making promotional real estate videos. Therefore, you should try your best and avoid being generic. Creating a niche will help you in driving value for your brand. Also, if your viewers have a category in mind, they will know who to reach out to. 

By giving out precise positioning, you will make the user journey easy for your buyers. Also, if you create a niche, you will have a narrow target audience, and you will be able to focus on their needs and cater to their requirements. You need to promote your videos as if you are an expert in creating the best home interiors and you are available to adhere to all of your client requests.

Make Use of Your Facebook Page.

When it comes to real estate marketing, social media has a significant role. While different social media platforms are used for various reasons, Facebook is the most popular platform for real estate. People use Facebook to search for properties and other types of listings. So, if you are already aware that it is the place to be, you need to work on creating a solid Facebook strategy where you can integrate video marketing and cater to all kinds of customers. 

You should convert your page to a business page to add a level of professionalism to it, and you can then take queries and requests from the platform itself. You can do different things to optimize your Facebook page for better conversions. You can design a Facebook banner to show what your business does. Here, you can use the best shots of the interiors of a property to get your potential customers intrigued.

It is essential to create an ‘About Us’ page so that your consumers can get to know your brand better. You should also include the fanciest property pictures and videos on your Facebook page. If your page is well optimized, there are higher chances of conversions.

Make Use of Other Social Media Channels.

While Facebook is another world in itself, you might find several customers using different platforms for their share of content. These platforms have video as one of their greatest selling points, and you must use this to your advantage. For instance, Instagram is the best platform for sharing photos and videos. As you are already aware, buyers love to watch videos of the properties they are interested in buying. You should make several home interior design videos and share them on your Instagram page so that your viewers can enjoy a virtual tour of the property.

Additionally, to unleash the aesthetic and the creative side of your real estate photography and videography skills, you can create a Pinterest account for your business. You should try not to limit yourself to just these platforms. There are several other platforms, and every platform has something unique to offer. Therefore, you should try and make the best use of these platforms.

E-Mail Marketing

Though this method is a lot talked about, several businesses have still not been able to use it to the maximum potential. You should use e-mail marketing to entice your buyer and make them buy your property. An e-mail gives you the window to experiment, and you can add several images and gifs of interior home designs of the properties you are trying to sell.

E-mail marketing is an integral part of the interior design marketing strategy. You can use real estate email marketing to capture a larger audience using your creative e-mails. With e-mails, you can generate leads that convert and add value to your organization. You can also notify your customers about any new or fascinating project that you have taken up, which will help build the viewers’ interest. 

Virtual Home Tours

With all the hype about AI and machine learning, your customers will always expect something that is entirely out of the box. If you have a website, you can use it to give virtual home tours to your potential customers. You can create small clips where you can focus on the house’s interiors to pique the interest of the buyers.

You can create HD videos and make the best use of video marketing by giving your buyers a virtual tour. You can also edit the videos using a good video editor to maximize the impact of the virtual home tours.

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is a very impactful technique for real estate marketing. You can use design software to create a replica of the entire house. This will get the potential buyers interested in the property. You will also keep them engaged and interested, as once they are impressed with the layout, they will have more excitement to see the property in person.

Also, it will keep your prospects hooked as they will look forward to getting the entire design replicated in a new house. There are several apps available online that can help you create a virtual layout for the property you are trying to sell.

Understand the Pain Points of Your Customers

Several customers are looking forward to home interior videos, but only a few companies offer this service. In this case, you will have to try and understand the aspiration of your buyers and then work accordingly.

Understanding your buyers’ pain points is very important as only then will you be able to come up with comprehensive video marketing and a general strategy. You are in the business of creating and crafting experiences for people that will last for a lifetime. Therefore, you should try and make the most out of it.


There are several ways to promote home interior design videos. You will have to integrate several marketing efforts to develop something creative to entice your audience. Once you build a comprehensive marketing strategy, you will understand how to land more conversions.

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