Bathrooms today have gone beyond being another cubicle in the home. Most people spend time meditating and mentally planning other activities while in the bathroom. However, it depends on how comfortable your bathroom is. 

If it is not, you can consider doing a renovation. But, won’t a renovation be costly? How about you try renovating on a budget? Sounds like a good plan?

The facts and figures show most homeowners spend quite a sum on bathroom renovation expenses. According to a study on Forbes, homeowners spend an average to a high cost ranging between $10,000 to $30,000 on a bathroom renovation. The cost of a bathroom renovation is not fixed, so it can be difficult to generalize.

The costs depend on the size of your bathroom, what city you live in, your choice of products, and how significant the renovation is. But, with a few DIY hacks and expert opinions, you can cut costs on your bathroom renovation, and, here’s how to get it done.

Set a Budget

Imagine having many ideas and you think — Do I upgrade the bathroom vanities or change the bathroom sink faucets for some gold bathroom sink faucets?

Sometimes, it’s hard to determine where you want to renovate. You could be tempted to want to renovate the entire place, hence risking being out of line with the budget. Therefore, you need to evaluate the total cost, set your budget, and create a plan of action.

A budget will give you the option of splitting your ideas into two lists:

  • A priority list
  • A luxury list

Your priority list is your first point of call. Your luxury list can get some indulgence with a little extra cash to spare.

Prioritize the Upgrades


Think of your bathroom as a work in progress. Sometimes, you don’t get to have it all changed at a go. But, you can prioritize areas that need a rework or improvement because they are old, broken, or out of style. 

You might want to change your broken mirror first. You can do away with old sink faucets by upgrading to modern bathroom faucets. It would also be better to change the old bathtub to a modern freestanding one. 

Install faucets such as Isenberg faucets, and deal with rust by replacing your old bathroom sink drain. Some selective changes can give your bathroom a new feel.

Do Some Research

It is important to do good research on the elements relating to your bathroom innovation. Find out about the products you intend to use, like what new bathroom sink features are in vogue, and how these products or materials can fit into your budget. 

Here are a few tips to help your research work:

  • You can check for product reviews and professional recommendations from bathroom home decor experts.
  • Look up social media platforms to find out what products other homeowners are using for their bathroom renovation.

Avoid Moving Too Many Things Around

Avoid moving too many things. Keep the basic outlay of the bathroom in the same shape, if you intend to save money. Trying to move the toilet from place to place will incur additional plumbing costs. Unraveling the tiles, ceiling shower head, or wall-mounted faucets will complicate the renovation process.

Although, layouts have proven to be the big reason people renovate their bathrooms. But, you shouldn’t go for an elaborate overhaul to keep costs down. If you feel the layout is in bad shape and outdated by many “centuries”, then you might need a complete overhaul. Asides from this, an unnecessary reshuffle will incur extra expenses that might not be on your budget.

Splash Some Paint

Is there anything about bathroom renovation that doesn’t require a paint job? I think not.

Painting is usually a finishing job and you might need to do a bit of a DIY if you intend to save costs. You can apply some new paints to improve freshness. Getting new faucets and adding a layer of spray paint. 

Although painting can be tasking, it gets enjoyable when you can save off a few extra dollars doing it yourself.

Purchase the Materials Yourself

This tip can be a smart choice to make if you are carrying out the renovation bits by bits. You can source materials at the cheapest markets or check a few stores online. 

Doing the shopping yourself saves you from incurring extra charges that come with outsourcing the purchase to people, especially with the chances of prices being hyped beyond the original market value. After scouring the market for the best deals, you can hire a contractor to fix the materials

Minimize Lightning Costs


Adequate lighting is an important part of your bathroom. Your bathroom has to be functional as well as comfortable. It can be a long-term cost to install different lighting fixtures. You can remedy this by planning for good window shades to increase natural light as part of your renovation.

Ask for Discounts

Don’t be afraid to find out about promo deals or ask for a discount or two. If it’s new faucets you need for your bathroom renovation, find out what stores are running a price slash on bathroom faucets; vessel sink faucets, black sink faucets, widespread faucets, wall-mounted faucets, etc. Look out for seasonal sales like black Fridays to maximize your purchase.

Add Cost-Friendly Accessories

At this point, you have been able to complete a major part of the bathroom remodeling yourself, saving some extra dollars by getting your hands dirty and doing the labor work yourself.

Now it’s time to add some finishing touches. You can go to a flea market or visit stores having a sale. You will find unique pieces, you might even get something vintage, that will give your bathroom a luxury feel.

The accessories could be a brass mirror, fancy soap holders, catch-alls, or even artwork. These items should not cost so much but they would make your bathroom feel more beautiful and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to splurge a little here since you have saved. 


We have come to the end of a comprehensive list of how best to renovate your bathroom on a budget. You can have new installations without breaking your budget if you know what you’re looking for. Get those sparks flying once again as you glide around your newly remodeled bathroom for comfort and functionality.

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