There are many ways to decorate a living room that will make it comfortable and relaxing for you and your family. You’ll want the room to feel inviting and comfortable, while also being functional as you will spend a lot of time here with your loved ones. We have put together a list of ideas to help make your living room feel comfortable, inviting and personal

Take Measurements

Before you start looking for ways to decorate your living room, you need to know the dimensions. Buy furniture of the right size to fit your space, so you don’t have to deal with oversized or undersized pieces. Preparation can save you money by avoiding the need to send furniture back when it arrives in the wrong size. Taking measurements beforehand can help you plan the placement of your furniture and décor, giving you a rough idea of what your space will look like. This will allow you to make changes before arranging anything.

It should fit your lifestyle

Before you start decorating your living room, it is important to consider its purpose and how it fits into your lifestyle. First, decide what kind of living room you want it to be – is it for use by you and your partner, or is it for use by your whole family? When you find the purpose of the living room, it becomes easier to decorate it. Consider asking yourself how you plan to use your living room- is it going to be a place to relax or do you want it to be a place you can host people and get togethers? This will make it easier to decide on the décor and furnishings as well as the placement of stuff.

Make a mood board for the room

A room mood board can help you choose the colours and designs you want to use to decorate your living room. It’s important to experiment with different pieces of decor before settling on a final design. You may find that some of your pieces do not work well together or interact in a way you didn’t expect. You may find that some of your furniture is mismatched in color or has a lot of similar designs that make the room look out of balance. Mood boards are a helpful way to see how your patterns and tones would look together.

What’s your aesthetic and how does it fit your living room

Find your personal design style by using the elements from various design styles. Mixing designs works well if you limit yourself to a few styles. However, choosing different designs from multiple aesthetics can look chaotic (in a bad way) when not done properly. You can stick to complementary designs such as modern, modern, minimalist and classic. That doesn’t mean you have to stick to one thing. To create a cohesive look in your home decor, you can establish a design scheme or color scheme. This will help you to have a general direction when decorating, and it will be easier to find items that fit the style. You can use inspiration from your mood boards or from apps like Pinterest and Instagram to better understand your personal style.

Make a focal point for the room

Before you start choosing how to decorate your living room, it’s important to assign a focal point. This will help to keep the room feeling balanced. Television usually provides an easy way to focus your attention, especially if your living room is a space you want to relax in. One of the easiest ways to create a chic focal point is by getting your technology wall mounted. You can get your TV wall mounted by professionals by clicking here. You can use your windows as a focal point if you have good views. The garden vision window is perfect to be the point of contact in your living room. You can also choose to build a bookcase (or anything that displays your passion) or have a patterned wallpaper to use as your room’s focal point.

Fabrics play an important role in your living room

The decoration process of your living room is very important, and the texture of the walls and flooring is a key part of that. Adding a personal piece of furniture to your space can give it an extra layer of depth and character. Try to choose the correct fabric pairings for your furniture. For example, if you choose a leather couch paired with velvet or cotton armchairs or couch, your space will look deliberately different, which will add character to it. The practicality of your fabric must also be taken into account when selecting it. Are you living in a home with pets, have babies, or have small children? If so, it’s better to choose fabrics that are easy to clean and don’t get stained easily. Consider using darker colors too. For example, leather is easy to avoid stains while linen and velvet are not. Leather is easy to scratch and damage, while linen or cotton fabrics do not get ruined or ripped easily.

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