Renovating a studio apartment or a small house is not the same as renovating a bigger house. There are a lot of extra priorities that need to be taken into consideration like storage and how much furniture can fit in. However, if you are renovating your small space and looking for ideas that will not only give you more room to move about but also increase the resale value if you ever sell it again in the future, we have compiled the perfect list for you!

Bigger windows

One of the most important things in a smaller space is the windows. Natural daylight not only makes the room feel airier and brighter but also gives the illusion of the space being bigger than what it already is. In a small house, it becomes easy to feel claustrophobic and closed off- bigger windows and natural daylight will prevent this, no matter how much furniture or décor you have.

Go for the floor to ceiling windows if possible or try installing skylights if the room can not have south and west-facing windows. Skylights will enable the room to get direct sunlight and will allow for more hours of sunlight. Besides architectural preferences, increased daylight is known to reduce stress and brighten up the mood. With the pandemic and having to stay at home for so long, it’s good if you have ample sunlight to make up for not going out.

Open plan

Open plan living spaces become even more important from the point of view of interior designing when it comes to the renovation of small houses. The open plan allows to break up rooms and make more space in the small house. Often, segregating space for kitchen, dining hall and living room can leave the place feeling small and clustered. With an open plan, these divides remain but the walls are removed, making room for more movement and design decisions. The open plan also allows for an increase of daylight circulation through the house, especially in studio rooms.

Pocket or sliding doors

Both functional and stylish, Pocket or sliding doors are a clever choice when it comes to the renovation of small houses. Replacing swinging doors and adding these in will also allow you to remove the extra space that swinging doors take. By having glass pocket doors, you also allow for a better circulation of light that makes the space look bigger and reduces the number of claustrophobic elements in the house.

Folding furniture

Folding furniture is godsent when it comes to small houses. It saves space, avoids clutter and makes room for moving about. Murphy beds and foldable desks are the perfect examples of these kinds of functional furniture. Folding furniture seamlessly disappears when not being used and can mould properly into your décor without causing any problems.

If you are unsure about folding furniture, go for multi-functional pieces. These are furniture pieces that have dual functions. For example, instead of getting a coffee table, think of getting an ottoman that can double up as a footrest, storage space as well as a table. Another such example would be a sofa bed, which can be used as a couch in the day and a bed at night. This saves space for extra furnishings and saves a lot of money.  

Wall mount your tv

Televisions can take up a lot of space and can affect the way you place your furniture as they require a TV unit next to a socket. However, when it comes to small houses, it’s better to get your television wall mounted. This will save you valuable space and make room for moving about. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about how you are going to hide the chords. To get your TV wall mounted by professionals or to get a quote for your TV wall mount, click here.

Over the door racks

If you have used every storage hack there is, utilised all your vertical space and multi-functional storage furniture, but require more storage, you can go for over the door racks. These are racks or storage that can be hung from your door. Perfect for shoe storage or storing up smaller things, over the door racks are perfect for small spaces. While they may not look very aesthetic and pleasing, they provide a lot of functionality to the space.

Use Rugs

When it comes to the renovation of a small house, rugs can make all the difference. Choosing a bigger rug for your main area will give you the illusion of a bigger room. Moreover, if you are going for an open plan living space, rugs can help in creating areas for different utilities. Separate your dining area from your living room by using different rugs.

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