The UK lockdown was extremely tough for every single one of the 5.6 million businesses in the UK. Employees were forced to stay at home, some were made redundant and over 11 million were furloughed for a long while. 

Now that the pandemic seems to be behind us employees are beginning to venture back into the office. Some are full-time but some are operating a hybrid working system in which they can pick and choose when they enter the office. 

Getting into the office can be extremely beneficial for teams in businesses as they can boost their social life and collaborate well on projects at work. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that business owners want to encourage more employees to venture back into the office. 

One of the best ways that this can be done is by designing an office that makes your employee’s time in the office more enjoyable. Read on to find out exactly how you can do that. 


When people think of going to work in an office, they picture a dull and dreary design filled with computers and desks. Why not try sprucing up the office with colourful and funky designs for your employees to enjoy? This will make them feel more positive about the workspace which will show in their work. 

To empower your employees further, let them do some of the décor work too as a team bonding day. If it’s new pictures and frames that they are hanging on the walls then you’ll need to get specialist drill bits like the ones sold at RS Components to drill a clean hole into walls. From here, employees can screw the frames into the wall. 


There’s nothing worse than a cramped office where everyone can see over your shoulder and hear your every conversation. Instead, create a spacious environment where people have the privacy they need to work. 

We also recommend having collaborative spaces for brainstorming meetings so the creative juices may fly. 

Health and safety

You’ll want to make sure your employees feel safe from any threat in the office. If they do not feel safe then the chances of them stepping foot in the building will be drastically reduced. Ensure your fire safety protocols and gas safety are up to date for increased confidence. 

Food and drink

Going into the office is currently expensive to do. The cost of transport is higher than ever and food and drink prices are rising with inflation too. We recommend always having teas and coffees in your office as well as a bowl of healthy fruit to promote health and wellbeing. 

As you can see, it’s easy and not too expensive to make your office space more exciting for your workforce. In return for you doing this, your employees will feel valued which is only going to boost their motivation levels more. This is a fine investment that every business owner should consider doing. 

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