Summer is a time for slumber and relaxation, but a student always remembers that it is followed by fall – a season when they need to pick up their studies and get back to academic life. To make that transition less stressful and more fun, you can get your dorm room ready for the summer, so that you could return to a fresh and revamped space that will boost your mood and studying abilities. Today, we will share some tips on how to prepare your dorm room for summer.

4 Tips to Prepare Your Dorm Room for Summer


1. Remove the clutter

It’s common for most students’ dorm rooms to be filled with all sorts of books, materials, and old junk items. This is to be expected after the busy school year, but keeping that cutter during the summer can impact your dorm room. Your room will inevitably get dusty, and in the fall there will be a lot more surfaces to clean and items to sort through if you don’t take care of it before the summer.

As summer approaches, one of the best ways to prepare is to clean up your dorm room. This involves arranging old books and supplies in a box and storing them in a safe place. You might also want to organize your shelves, drawers, and a windowsill to keep them clean. A clean and decluttered space leads to a clear mind, which will be helpful to you as you study and work on your writing skills. Cleaning and organizing can be a very tedious process, but at least you would be able to have a more relaxing time in your room when the school year hits. 

2. Choose light colors for your walls

If you have the money and time, you might want to revamp the color of your walls. This can help you feel more executed about getting back to school. It may also have some practical benefits. Research has shown that darker colors trap heat much more than lighter colors. In fact, the closer a color is to black, the more heat it will trap. After a long hot day, you don’t want to come to an oven-like room. This can affect your ability to get good sleep and study well.

To keep your room looking and feeling fresh, you might want to consider getting some light-colored paint and having a go at designing your room. It would also be an opportunity to put your artistic skills to practice. You can use different combinations of colors, such as white, gray, blue, and much more.

3. Get a home fragrance or an aromatic candle for your room

The atmosphere in your room will become a lot more pleasant if you get a home fragrance or an aromatic candle for your dorm room. If you don’t like intense, concentrated scents, you can get fresh or neutral ones like cotton, cashmere, citrus, etc. This way your room will not only be clean but will also smell nice and welcoming.

4. Stock up on bed linens

After a tiring school day, you will want to lie down on a cool and relaxing bed with new, crisp sheets. When shopping for bed linens, you might want to consider white or other light-colored materials s that they don’t draw your eye too much and distract you from schoolwork. This will also allow you to easily notice when your bed linen requires a change.

If you make your bed this comfy, it may be hard to get out of it to work on your assignments. If you ever get behind with your schoolwork, hire the best writing essay services and exhale, because your tasks will be in good hands. By getting some help, you can free your schedule for some more college dorm room improvement projects.


There are many steps you can take to prepare your room for summer. While we went over some of the best ones, you can always think of some fun ways to make your dorm room a more comfortable and conducive environment. Take advantage of our tips and give your room a quick makeover before the summer is upon us.

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Charlotte Banks is an interior designer and writer. Her experience has allowed her to develop the skills needed to produce truly unique designs. Charlotte has worked with numerous clients, including students, so she regularly writes articles on the subject.

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