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Finding the perfect apartment will take some time. You need to combine a number of factors together to make this happen, from the right price to enough space and even the perfect location. You then need to consider whether it has the right amenities for you to enjoy life within that apartment. For example, when looking for apartments in Austin, you have to choose between places like the downtown music scene, being near the giga factory, or even being close to state infrastructure.  

With so many things that need to go right, it is hard to know how to even get started on your apartment hunting trip. Some of the tips that you can follow when you are ready to head on out and apartment hunt include:

Create a Budget 

The first step to use is to create a budget. The best rule to follow here is to never pay more than 30% of your pre-tax monthly income on the apartment, or you are spending too much. This gives you enough money for groceries, utilities, and everything else. 

Take a look at what is included in the rent of the apartment that you want to take. If they include utilities into the price of the rent, for example, you will be able to bump up the price when it comes to picking out an apartment. Be careful not to go too high or you may find yourself spending too much as well. 

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It is a good idea for you to make a list of the features and amenities that you would like in your apartment. This will ensure that you do not run into an apartment that you do not love at all. As you take a look at a lot of different apartments, it is easy to get swept away with all of the excitement or get the different aspects of each mixed up.  

This is why it is so important for you to explore your new apartment options, you will need to write down a list of all the features you absolutely must have before you move into it. Some of the things you should include on your list will include:

  • The number of bathrooms and bedrooms you would like to have. 
  • Whether it is near a school zone. 
  • How close it is to your job
  • The specific amenities that you would like to see.

On the other side of that list, you need to make a list of all the things that you do not want inside of the apartment. This could be a cap on the rent amount or a certain neighborhood that you do not want to see in the apartment. Then take this list along with you as you look through some of the apartments. 

Write Down Your Thoughts on Each Apartment

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It is easy for you to have all of the details of the apartments mix together. If you go and look at five or more places during the same day, it can be hard to remember which features or amenities are found in each one as you make your decision on where to move. 

As you go to each apartment, take some time to record your thoughts. You can take some notes as you walk through the apartment, looking it over and seeing what you like and what you do not like. You may even take five to ten minutes after leaving the apartment and write down your thoughts before you move on to the next one.  

This will take a few minutes out of your time, but it will help you get ahead and can make it easier when you need to go back later and have to make the decision. 

Teach Yourself the Basics of the Inspection

Renting an apartment is kind of similar to buying a used car. You need to have a good idea of what to look for before you get locked into that payment. Even though the landlord should take care of the repairs and maintenance of the building, there are some signs you should look for to see if the apartment will be a problem. Some things to consider include:

  • Animal droppings under the cabinets, on top of the fridge, and more. 
  • Discolored running water
  • Mildew or mold that is around the baseboards, window panes, and the air vents. 
  • Water pressure and temperature
  • How well you get reception on your phone. 

Never rent an apartment without taking the time to check it out during the night. If you do not feel that safe walking around as a visitor, then you will not feel that safe as a tenant. 

Ask Questions 

Come up with at least a few questions to ask the landlord, maintenance staff, and the front desk while you are there. The first purpose you will see with this is that you can make sure it is the right place for you and you will find out how helpful the landlord and others are at the apartment or if this will be a problem as you move in.  

You plan to move into the apartment for a year or more, which means it is likely that you will need some repairs and maintenance on the apartment. You should be able to trust that the people helping you will be friendly and there to help you out, without a delay or a lot of issues. 

As you are asking questions and looking through the apartment, you need to ask more about the terms of the lease. You should consider reading through it ahead of time to see if there is anything out of line with it or anything that you are worried about. Most will be standard but it is still good to check. 

Choosing the Right Apartment 

Each person is going to have their own requirements when it comes to finding the perfect apartment for their needs. There are many things to consider and so many apartments out there, that you need to know your own style and preferences. Take a look at some of the tips above and see how easy it can be to find the perfect apartment for you.

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